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Safe back to the office with Sycor.Back2Work: The story behind the Sycor app

July 20, 2020

In Corona times back to the usual workplace? How can this be achieved in terms of protective measures? Our colleagues from China had to face this challenge at an early stage and have created a digital solution. From an initial idea, our app Sycor.Back2Work developed, which is now in use in several countries and is constantly being further developed.

Within only 14 days, the app was replicated and adapted in Microsoft Power Apps. The marketing of the free app started at the beginning of May. From the very beginning, it was important to Sycor that the app is available in its full functional range, unlimited and free of charge, in order not to make an economic profit from the pandemic. Individual enhancements, for example the further development of the app as a fully-fledged shared office solution, are certainly conceivable. The publication of the app on the basis of the low-code platform Microsoft Power Platform and under MIT license (Open Source), enables every company to carry out its own customizations itself or to have them implemented by Sycor.

"This project is particularly close to my heart because it has opened the eyes of many companies to how easy it can be to implement both small and very large processes with the Power Platform. In most cases, no additional license or software is required with existing board resources," says Jan Timphaus, Power Platform Evangelist.

Continuous development 

Meanwhile, the Sycor.Back2Work app is in use on several continents and is of course also used internally at Sycor. The app is a great help for companies from various industries in organizing office spaces and protecting their employees. Every company has its own individual requirements. It is impressive to see the adaptations and extensions that have been made since the release of the free Sycor.Back2Work app. The end of this development is not yet foreseeable. As before, companies who would like to contribute their own know-how to the further development of the open source app are still contacting us.

One example is the cooperation with grandcentrix: The IoT-Solution Provider grandcentrix extended the app with a software and hardware component. With RFID tokens and readers, it allows employees to check in. This is a practical addition to the use of the currently used QR codes.

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