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Azure Virtual Desktop
Azure Virtual Desktop: 
Your gateway to cloud efficiency.

Hybrid Work with Azure Virtual Desktop 

Flexibility and security in perfect harmony

In the digital age, the ability to be productive anywhere, anytime is no longer an option - it's a necessity. The modern workplace demands flexibility, but this also comes with challenges, particularly especially in terms of security and administration. Our solution? Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD for short) - the perfect balance between flexibility and control. 

Cloud-based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) - flexible, secure, powerful  

Azure Virtual Desktop is more than just a remote desktop service. It is a comprehensive VDI solution that runs in the secure environment of Microsoft Azure. We offer you access to a service that is not only flexible and scalable, but also ensures the security of your data.

All the advantages of Azure Virtual Desktop at a glance 

Cost efficiency: 
Reduce your expenses 

Azure Virtual Desktop helps you reduce hardware investments and license costs. By using our cloud-based solution, you can replace expensive hardware and on-premises licenses. 

Included licensing 

Benefit from the fact that licensing for Azure Virtual Desktop is already in the Microsoft E3 plan. No hidden costs, only transparent savings. 

Flexibility in business operations 

Rapid adaptability to changing business requirements. With Azure Virtual Desktop, you can seamlessly adapt the number of virtual desktops to the needs of your organization. 

Agility: Adapt quickly, work efficiently 

Stay responsive. Our solution enables you to proactively respond to changes without compromising on performance. 

Scalability: Grow with your requirements 

Adaptability at the push of a button: add or remove desktops depending on your company's current requirements. Azure Virtual Desktop grows with you.

Integration with Microsoft 365: A seamless experience 

Consistent user experience: Thanks to the seamless integration with Microsoft 365, your employees enjoy a familiar and efficient working environment regardless of their location. 

With Azure Virtual Desktop, Sycor opens up new opportunities for flexibility and efficiency for your company. You not only save costs, but also gain agility and security. Start shaping the future of the digital workplace today. 

Azure Virtual Desktop: Revolutionize CAD work with cloud power  

High-performance cloud workstations for engineers and designers  

In a world where mobility and flexibility are key, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) offers a forward-thinking solution for CAD applications. Discover how AVD transforms the way you work by giving you access to powerful, graphics-intensive workstations anywhere, anytime.  

Virtual workstation: performance meets mobility 

Travel and work without sacrificing performance  

Azure Virtual Desktop offers a highly flexible platform that we have optimized specifically for graphics- and computing-intensive applications such as CAD. Whether you are traveling or working from home - with AVD you have access to the power and performance of a high-end workstation wherever you are.  

Expertise for industry solutions: We understand the requirements of specialized industry applications. Our expertise enables us to create AVD environments that are specifically optimized for high-performance workloads such as CAD.  

Seamless experience: Our solution ensures that your engineers and CAD draftsmen will not notice any difference compared to a local installation. Performance, speed and user experience remain unchanged, no matter where you work. 

Central cloud storage: Fast access, maximum security:  

Centralized data storage: Store your CAD drawings securely in the cloud. With Azure Virtual Desktop, you have direct access to centralized high-performance storage in Azure.  

Impressive speed: Experience how quickly and efficiently you can access your CAD data. The combination of Azure cloud storage and AVD ensures a smooth and fast working experience.  

Azure Virtual Desktop is revolutionizing the way CAD applications are used. By moving your CAD workstations to the cloud, we offer you a solution that is not only flexible and secure but also increases the performance and efficiency of your team. With Sycor at your side, you are ideally equipped to master the challenges of an increasingly mobile and networked working world. 

Consulting for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): on-premise and cloud solutions 

Comprehensive consulting for your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) strategy 

In today's dynamic business world, flexible and efficient IT solutions are crucial for success. Our goal is to help you develop and implement a customized Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that meets your specific needs, whether on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment. 


On-premise VDI solutions: Customized and secure 

Optimal integration into your existing IT landscape: We help you to design and implement an on-premise VDI solution that harmonizes seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. 

Data security and compliance: With our expertise, we ensure that your on-premise VDI solution is not only powerful, but also secure and compliant with current data protection standards. 

Cloud-based VDI with Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows365 

Flexibility and scalability: Discover the benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows365 for a highly flexible and scalable VDI environment in the cloud. We advise you on all aspects - from setup to management.  

Cost efficiency and modern workstations: Our experts will show you how to save costs with AVD and Windows365 while creating modern, efficient workplaces for your employees. 

Hybrid VDI solutions: The best of both worlds 

Individual consulting for hybrid models: We recognize the uniqueness of every company. That's why we offer individual consulting services to find the optimal balance between on-premises and cloud solutions. 

Smooth migration and integration: Our team supports you in the seamless migration and integration of hybrid VDI solutions to ensure a smooth transition and optimal performance. 

Implementation: Azure Transformation - The path to the future  

Harness the full power of Azure for your digital transformation 

Azure is at the heart of digital transformation. Our implementation services focus on the comprehensive capabilities of Azure to future-proof your IT infrastructure. Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and the integration of CAD in Azure serve as exemplary use cases. 

1. Azure platform: versatility and performance  

Customized Azure solutions: We use the flexibility and scalability of Azure to implement solutions that are tailored to your exact business requirements.  

Example AVD and CAD integration: As part of our Azure implementation strategy, we also offer specialized solutions such as Azure Virtual Desktop for flexible work environments and the integration of CAD systems for demanding design and engineering tasks.  

2. Modernization through Infrastructure as Code, DevOps and CI/CD  

Infrastructure as Code (IaC): We implement Azure infrastructures using IaC to ensure efficient, repeatable and error-free deployment. This enables agile and controlled infrastructure development that aligns perfectly with your business goals.  

DevOps and CI/CD: Our implementation includes the integration of DevOps practices and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) processes. This accelerates the delivery of new features, improves collaboration between development and operations teams and increases the overall quality of your IT services.  

3. Customer support: training and adoption  

Transformation support: We guide you through the complexity of digital transformation by not only implementing technologies, but also training your team in the new processes.  

Empowerment through knowledge transfer: Our goal is to enable your team to use the new Azure-based solutions effectively. We provide training and workshops on topics such as IaC, DevOps and CI/CD to ensure your employees have the skills and understanding to make the best use of Azure.  

4. Also as a managed service  

Thanks to our managed service for Azure, you no longer have to worry about tasks such as setting up, maintaining and monitoring your public cloud environment. Sycor takes care of these tasks for you, saving you time and money. 

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