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Product-as-a-Service by Sycor

For many traditional manufacturers and dealers, the trend "use instead of buy" conceals a huge potential for increasing sales and profits as well as expanding or securing market shares. Consumers as well as companies are discovering more and more advantages of no longer owning objects but paying according to use. More flexibility, permanently modern and high quality goods and a clear financial calculation are some of them. However, this requires that providers try to expand and differentiate their previously product-based business models through value-based services. Many of these companies see themselves confronted with the opportunities and challenges of the digital business world: Changed supply chains, more complex service processes, new pricing and billing models and often the digital networking of products during use. 

IT Challenges

Successful PraaS business models can bring complex and extensive requirements to the IT landscape of a company. In many cases the connection of the assets to be used via IoT is an important prerequisite for the success of the business model. This requires a suitable infrastructure in order to make the IoT data available and to be able to process it further, e.g. for service and repairs and for billing. A further core component of the PraaS model is a well-organized service covering all aspects of delivery and return, replenishment or refill services where necessary, repairs or exchanges during customer use. Typically, the challenges here are to equip the service staff with appropriate mobile devices and apps and to connect the various systems with each other in a suitable way.

Also, conventional ERP systems do not meet the important key requirements for mapping PraaS processes in an appropriate form. For example, the integration of assets into asset accounting, usage- and/or time-dependent price and billing models, as well as returns and case-dependent follow-up processes for service, repair or reconditioning at the end of the usage period. If you also want to enhance the PraaS offering for customers through attractive and convenient communication channels with the corresponding "user experience", you quickly need appropriate web- and/or app-based communication platforms.

Sycor – your PraaS partner

With the product-as-a-service framework from Sycor, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure, you get a solution that is specialized for recurring sales and service business models. Supplemented by intelligent data analysis for preventive maintenance, it is ideal for representing all PraaS processes. We help you convert to PraaS with competent and solution-oriented advice.

You benefit from:

  • Increasing market share with a PraaS business model
  • Long-term and close customer relationships
  • Ongoing sales instead of one-time proceeds from selling your product
  • Setting yourself apart from the competition

Do you have any questions about product-as-a-service by Sycor? 

Our experts are happy to advise you. Contact us for more information. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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