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What is SAP Customer Engagement and Commerce? 

Customer Engagement and Commerce based on SAP Hybris – what is that exactly?

August 17, 2022

Customer Engagement & Commerce (CEC) covers the entire SAP Hybris product range. It sets new standards in CRM and scores points with an integrated approach. This is because integration between the individual components and the SAP back-end system makes far better data quality and processing possible than ever before. It goes "beyond CRM".

How it all began

The realignment of SAP in relation to Customer Engagement & Commerce began in the summer of 2013 when SAP took over the Swiss e-commerce company hybris. The experts from both companies and in some cases also partners such as Sycor have been working on the optimum integration of the solutions for over three years already. The result: a new standard in the world of e-business solutions. Users of this solution now have a 360-degree view of the customer and are able to respond to customer actions in real time.Modules in the SAP Hybris product range

The SAP Hybris product range combines various solutions. In addition to the original SAP Hybris Commerce solution, these include SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer and SAP Hybris Marketing.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer is the cloud-based CRM solution from SAP. Subscriptions for its various modules can be taken out individually. Here the key feature is that all data are nevertheless stored and processed centrally, drastically simplifying processes and data analyses for companies.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer encompasses the following:

  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales
  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Service
  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Marketing
  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Social Engagement

The SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer modules can be used among other ways through apps on iOS, Android, Windows 8 and newer devices. For planned offline use, the data are simply downloaded before they are used and processed offline. When the employee goes online again, the data are automatically synchronized with the central SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer system. This function is probably the most crucial benefit of the solution.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales – the sales tool
With the SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, the sales department is provided with a tool that makes the handling of day-to-day tasks efficient in a modern user interface.  It includes classic CRM tasks for lead and opportunity management, the logging of sales activities and much more.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Service – more for the service department
With the SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales, service departments benefit from powerful tools that simplify organization of their day-to-day business. The solution supports ticket processing, scheduling field service employees and many other everyday service processes.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Marketing and SAP Hybris Cloud for Social Engagement – the add-ons for the marketing department
SAP Hybris Cloud for Marketing is an add-on to the SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales or SAP Hybris Cloud for Service. It provides users, in our experience mostly sales and marketing employees, with a number of marketing tools for transactional marketing. For example, it can be used to define target groups and to create and send out e-mail campaigns using templates, with a subsequent evaluation of the responses. The SAP Cloud for Marketing can also be expanded with the SAP Hybris Cloud for Social Engagement – a tool that assists employees with the planning, execution and evaluation of marketing or service activities using social media.

SAP Hybris Marketing

What many don't know: SAP Hybris Cloud for Marketing is not identical to SAP Hybris Marketing. Unlike SAP Hybris Cloud for Marketing, SAP Hybris Marketing is a SAP HANA-based solution for the analysis of big data volumes in real time. This makes it possible to provide SAP Hybris Commerce users with a personalized shopping experience, or to define target groups for campaigns. In addition to the data procurement methods that are already integrated, SAP Hybris Profile can be used to further enrich the data.

SAP Hybris Commerce

SAP Hybris Commerce is the strategic shop platform from SAP. This is the product that first made hybris great. Enriched through seamless integration into the SAP back-end, the platform now meets all requirements to offer a state-of-the-art online shopping experience for customers. The platform is suitable for both B2C and B2B online shops since the open architecture makes it possible to expand the shop as desired, adapting it to user requirements.

What are called accelerators can also be used to speed up the shop implementation. These are ready-made shop templates used as a basis for a company's individualized presence. The templates reduce implementation costs since the shop can go online faster and with less programming effort.


With the SAP Hybris product range, you can address customers individually and provide them with comprehensive support. Horizontal integration between the components and vertical integration with the SAP back-end open up possibilities that go far beyond classic or standalone CRM solutions. Or, as they say, more than CRM!

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