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Out of the box. One contract - all in.

RISE with SAP: Becoming a smart company with just one contract

February 1, 2021

Maybe you've used a delivery subscription for cooking and had just the right amount of fresh food for your daily cooking needs? With RISE with SAP, you get just that and a good cook to boot. RISE with SAP will drive digitization, especially in German SMEs.

Out of the box. One contract - all in.

RISE with SAP includes all the components you need for a holistic transformation of your business at a manageable, reliable cost with no upfront investment. And what's more, you can reduce your total costs by 20% or more (including one-time migration costs), as we have already determined in specific customer scenarios. Moving to the cloud and to S/4HANA becomes much easier with the new solution, because you only have one contract with SAP to use the software, and with Sycor you have another partner at your side to provide additional services.

With the new solution, you can switch your systems that were previously running on premise to subscription-based cloud billing without losing the benefits of the functional solution.

Your data, your systems - Infrastructure as a Service

You are free to choose whether you run your cloud infrastructure in an SAP data center, with an SAP partner or with a hyperscaler. For the migration to the cloud to standardized solution landscapes, you usually only need one partner at your side who takes over the implementation via automated services. This allows companies to benefit from the Infrastructure as a Service model without tying data and systems to a specific provider.

Plan and control in real time with Technology Platform & S/4HANA Cloud

In addition, there are new digitalization and networking options with the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). This enables you to continuously analyze how processes work, compare them with industry standards, and easily adapt them to new conditions and business requirements - allowing you to plan and control them in real time. You can even add industry functionality to solutions using the same data model. The main course here is the new S/4HANA Cloud. It handles the interplay of all elements of your smart business using artificial intelligence, robotic functions, and advanced analytics for process automation.

Reduce complexity of ERP solution with RISE with SAP

Even if you need to reorganize your processes when you switch to S/4HANA, you can also switch without changing them or do so at a later date. The complexity of your ERP solution will be reduced simply by the fact that operations are now the responsibility of only one supplier and you can place consulting projects and application support in the hands of a single service provider such as Sycor. Proven partner add-ons can also continue to be used.

Your advantages at a glance (or all the ingredients for the perfect dish)

  • You determine the speed and starting point of the digital transformation for your company
  • No high initial investment due to 5-year subscription
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by 20% (including one-time migration costs)
  • Fast migration to the cloud through subscription model
  • A predictable contract with SAP
  • More solutions through Technology Platform
  • Use of industry standards through the Industry CloudLarger database for planning and controlling the company in real time
  • Better analysis options
  • Move away from modules and silos to the whole process, customer-centric and end-to-end
  • Easily complement, extend, and integrate with any other SAP, partner, or third-party solution using the same data model and platform services as SAP applications
  • Unified access to the world's largest business network. This includes SAP's supplier, logistics, and asset intelligence networks, which enable companies to manage their entire supply chain in real time to respond faster to changing market conditions.
  • As an industry and digitalization expert, Sycor is always at your service as a personal professional chef

Finally, the icing on the cake - the integration of collaboration tool Microsoft Teams

SAP will integrate functions from Microsoft Teams into its in-house business applications. This will allow you to address your business partners directly as a user of SAP S/4HANA or SAP Success Factors without having to switch programs. However, companies must purchase the license for Microsoft Teams separately with RISE with SAP. Here, too, Sycor is always at your disposal with the knowledge of our Microsoft experts.

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Your fast way into the cloud

If you have been hesitant about moving to the cloud, RISE with SAP offers you an easy way to do so that also scores points with costs that can be planned in the long term. Transform your company too. Feel free to contact me about the details of the implementation.

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