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Otto Bock Healthcare GmbH: Migration from SAP XI 7.0 to SAP PO 7.5

August 21, 2017

The medical technology company Ottobock in Lower Saxony had been using the interface system SAP XI 7.0. But the days of that system were numbered: SAP discontinued maintenance for the solution effective at the end of 2017. A new interface landscape was therefore required.

"SAP is no longer offering maintenance for our current interface system XI 7.0 starting in 2018. In addition, we were no longer able to install some new support or enhancement packages for our SAP ERP, and new functional requirements for the system could not be met anymore," says Steffen Rehse, IT Department Manager at Ottobock, describing the initial situation. This meant the company had to operate its systems without the latest bug fixes and functional improvements – a risk for the IT systems and competitiveness.

In order to migrate the 192 interfaces to SAP PO 7.5, the Sycor experts set up a three-stage system landscape in accordance with best practices. "Aside from the large number of interfaces, the number of different communication protocols represented a major challenge in this project. Our team had to work in AS2, FTP, File, HTTP, JDBC, and RFC among others," explains Gerhard Heinzerling, Project Manager at Sycor. Nevertheless, operating SAP XI 7.0 and SAP PO 7.5 in parallel went smoothly without noteworthy incidents. "In the end, deactivating the legacy systems went entirely unnoticed," Rehse says in conclusion.

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About Sycor:

The Sycor Group is a full-range IT service provider and SAP Gold Partner of SAP Deutschland SE. Focusing on midsize manufacturers, the company provides comprehensive services for SAP solutions that are tailored to meet market needs based on the SAP portfolio and offers suitable solutions for the entire value chain. Sycor implements cloud, on-premise, or hybrid solutions according to customer requirements, operating them in its own or the customer's data center with SLA-based services.

Sycor is an expert for the entire SAP portfolio, from typical SAP solutions to the SAP cloud platform to the new flagship S/4. For plastic processors, automotive suppliers, medical technology companies, surface refiners, metal processors, mechanical engineering firms, and toolmakers, Sycor has developed corresponding industry solutions. Own add-ons for production planning and control, sales process optimization, capturing and evaluating operating and machine data, and business intelligence reduce the project risk and help realize the full optimization potential.

As a SAP Hybris Gold Partner, Sycor supports its customers in all areas of digital sales and customer relationship management. Sycor's own extensions for SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Hybris Sales simplify the launch of an e-commerce project and reduce the project duration.

Sycor also offers SLA-based application management services. These encompass the entire SAP portfolio as well as worldwide network services and Microsoft infrastructure components such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, or Skype for Business applications. As a "Partner Center of Expertise" in the field of SAP Certified in Hosting Services, Sycor offers solutions in line with market demand to its customers and is the partner of choice for all challenges in SAP operations, digital sales, and the Internet of Things.

The Sycor Group generated sales of EUR 71.7 million with an average of 560 employees in 2016.

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