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Renewed certification
DIN EN ISO 9001: Sycor certified again 

DIN EN ISO 9001: Sycor certified again 

October 18, 2023

Sycor has been certified for 20 years. And now we can proudly announceWe are recertified according to DIN EN ISO 9001! 

One of the leading certification bodies, EQZert, put all Sycor areas through their paces again. This is not only important for us in order to identify and exploit untapped potential at an early stage - it is also important for our customers and employees. It enables us to guarantee that our services are continuously optimized and that we continue to develop not only technologically but also culturally. This means that everyone who comes into contact with us can expect reliable support of the highest quality. 

EQZert auditors recently took another close look at Sycor - from the conception of our solutions through to their implementation and operation. Projects and processes from all areas were examined, from our SAP division to the Microsoft teams. Our divisional and management teams were also allowed to answer the questions.   

With the regular audits, we ensure that our knowledge is up to date. Because we know that: Change is what drives us as a modern IT service provider. We want to get better and better every day - for ourselves and for our customers. 

You can find our renewed certificate here.

Anja Werner

Marketing Manager
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