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Lünendonk® study 2018: Sycor still among the leading midsize German IT consulting and system integration companies

September 24, 2018

Sycor is once again among the leading midsize IT consulting and system integration companies in Germany. According to the 2018 Lünendonk® special analysis "The 20 leading German midsize IT consulting and system integration firms", the company with sales growth of 18.7% in 2017 is once again among the top performers. 

(Göttingen) Overall 2017 was a very good year for all midsize IT consulting and system integration companies. The consulting firm Lünendonk & Hossenfelder determined that the 20 midsize system vendors generated sales of EUR 3.2 billion in 2017. That is a year-on-year increase of 12.8%. According to the study, this is due to the major consulting and project backlog in the fields of "Digital Transformation" and "Cyber Security". This is also where the greatest potential for midsize IT consulting firms lies, since they have the required know-how.
Sycor too was able to benefit from this trend, supporting its customers with appropriate digital transformation solutions. "Services, consulting, and customer service must fit together perfectly for our clients to be satisfied. These were precisely the factors that once again contributed to a considerable sales increase of nearly 19% in 2017, leading to this favorable positioning in the midfield of German consulting and system integration companies," exults Sven Frenzel, Chief Marketing Officer for the Sycor Group.

Currently Sycor has over 750 employees worldwide. The company is headquartered in Göttingen, Germany, with further locations in Germany, Austria, North America and Asia. Sycor increased its number of employees by 100 in the past financial year thanks to organic growth. After recently moving into a new building in Göttingen, the company is very well positioned for additional staff. The company recognized as a Great Place to Work® will also focus on employee orientation in the future. A favorable company culture and safeguarding high quality standards throughout the company will continue to ensure customer satisfaction and further growth going forward.
According to Lünendonk & Hossenfelder, the outlook for 2019 is excellent as well. IT consulting and system integration companies as a whole are looking to the future with optimism, expecting ongoing positive development with sales growth of 12.1%.

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Since 1983, Lünendonk & Hossenfelder GmbH has specialized in systematic market research, industry and company analyses as well as market consulting for IT and consulting firms and other highly qualified service providers. For a number of decades, the company’s market research unit has overseen the Lünendonk® lists and studies that serve as a market barometer, as well as the entire market monitoring program.


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About Sycor:

The Sycor Group is a digitalization service provider with more than 750 employees around the world. With headquarters in Göttingen and further locations in Germany, Austria, America, and Asia, the company has an international presence. Sycor supports customers with custom IT services and solutions for all corporate divisions along the entire value chain, integrating individual solutions harmoniously into existing ones or setting up completely new infrastructure and application landscapes. Sycor implements and operates cloud, on-premise, or hybrid solutions according to customer requirements.

Its own solutions, vertical add-ons, and all services in the area of SAP ERP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are just as much a part of the selection as quality-assured solutions and services for IT outsourcing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). This broad know-how also includes unified communications, software asset management, licence procurement optimization and software lifecycle management, security and networks, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data. Sycor also implements professional online solutions in the field of business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications with ERP or CRM integration.

Sycor GmbH maintains a quality management system certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. ISO 27001 certification of the technology division is proof of a robust information security management system. Sycor is a Gold-Level Channel Partner and Partner Center of Expertise of SAP Deutschland SE. As a Microsoft partner, the company is a Cloud Solution Provider and Strategic Development Partner for the areas of leasing, trade, service, and maintenance of mobile goods and fleet management. Sycor's expert knowledge in the areas of professional services and manufacturing has made the company a member of the Microsoft Dynamics Industry Partner Program (EMEA). Various gold and silver competencies represent the broad expertise in the Microsoft environment.

The Sycor Group generated sales of EUR 85.1 million with an average of 690 employees in 2017.

Sycor increased its annual sales by 20 percent to a total of EUR 85.1 million in 2017. The company also grew organically by 100 employees to a total staff of 750 worldwide. Sycor opened its 20th location in Freiburg in August of 2017, and the company moved into a new office complex on the site of the "Alter Güterbahnhof" in Göttingen at the end of June 2018.

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