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    WEMO-tec renting work platforms via Sycor.Rental

    WEMO-tec GmbH in Eichenzell has introduced Sycor.Rental for its segment work platform rentals in Germany. The fully integrated ERP industrial solution replaced existing legacy systems.

    „Even after going live, we are still convinced we did the right thing by opting for Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sycor.Rental“, explains Joachim Niessner, the managing director of WEMO-tec GmbH. „Initially, we launched the solution for the segment work platform rentals in Germany.“ 

    This step had become necessary because the Eichenzell-based company had outgrown its old system due to its corporate growth in previous years. The rising number of users, locations and, not least, the expansion of the machine fleet to 350 work platforms made it almost impossible to manage the segment using the existing software.

    We also planned to integrate our workshop with the use of the software and to expand the segment Customer Relationship Management. Neither of which would have been easy to realize with our previous system“ adds Joachim Niessner. A requirements profile was worked out systematically for the ERP solution to be implemented. The profile called for appropriate scalability in order to keep pace with the company‘s development and flexibility so as to be deployed in the existing segments scaffolding and bridge access engineering as well as any future areas. Moreover, it was to be manageable internationally with respect to subsidiaries in Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Poland and, more recently, England. „We wanted to minimise media discontinuity as much as possible to keep our expenditure and, of course, error ratio low, so we focused in the selection process only on fully integrated ERP solutions“ emphasises Mr. Niessner, managing director of WEMO-tec. „We live in a time that requires mastery of all processes. Consequently, the core process of rentals must also run smoothly. And the software ought to support that, of course.“ 

    Customer testimonial
    • "Thanks to the combination with the industry solution Sycor.Rental for the rental business, all processes will in fact run consistently through one system in future. This protects our IT investment in the long term."

      Joachim Nießner, Managing Director, WEMO-tec GmbH

      On the basis of the strategic catalog of requirements, the decision eventually came down in favor of Microsoft Dynamics AX and the industrial solution Sycor.Rental for the rental business. Microsoft Dynamics AX, as a fully integrated and internationally deployable ERP solution, is a solid platform with a perspective, thanks to a clear roadmap with plans for further development and long-term support. The software‘s multilingual capability, taking into account different currencies, and its flexibility are a good fit for the plans of WEMO-tec GmbH. „By combining it with the industrial solution Sycor.Rental for the rental business, all processes will indeed be operated through a continuous system in future“, further explains managing director Mr. Niessner. „This way we secure our long-term IT investment. We don‘t want to find ourselves in a position five or six years from now where we have to invest in yet another new system.“ Joachim Niessner is satisfied with the speedy and sound implementation by the implementation partner Sycor. Among the factors of success were the project management methods and Microsoft Dynamics AX know-how on the one hand, and the mapping of the rental processes in the ERP solution of the Göttingen-based company on the other. WEMO-tec already has plans for further projects: by integrating mobile end devices with its ERP solution, the company wants to simplify the process of shipping out and receiving returns of rental equipment. Many users of such mobile solution will work outside of Eichenzell.

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