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Go Cloud! Three good reasons to move your business to the cloud and rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 

January 14, 2022

Minimize costs, increase security and optimize work processes. These are the competitive advantages of Microsoft cloud services. Already 96 percent of all Fortune 500 companies use the wide range of functions of cloud services and ERP systems to maximize the potential of your business every day. We give you three good reasons why you should definitely move to the cloud and how Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes your business more efficient.

1. Microsoft Cloud for more security and reliability

Your corporate data is the new currency of the digital age. It must be protected. But cybercrime has a decisive impact on the daily lives of IT experts: Hacker attacks, ransomware attacks or data espionage have long been a real threat to medium-sized companies. The damage caused by these attacks can reach considerable proportions and cost those affected time and nerves. Protection against cyber attacks of any kind should therefore be an important part of every company's IT strategy. Don't take any risks and trust the know-how of experts like Microsoft. Microsoft invests more than $1 billion annually in the security capabilities of its cloud services. With a contractually guaranteed reliability of 99.9 percent, you can trust that your data is safe.

30-Minuten-Guide für die Planung Ihres ERP/Business IT-Projekts

2. Lower costs

Focus on your core business instead of investing in hardware, software licenses or maintenance and support services. As a utility, with cloud computing you only pay for the services you use. Doing so can reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by 10.25 percent and save 40 percent in administrative costs, according to a Forrester study. Why? Because software updates, server backups or cumbersome archives are eliminated.

3. Improve agility and flexibility

Improve operational agility with cloud computing. Respond actively and flexibly to changes, such as operational growth. Easily add users or expand your capabilities. Customize your cloud computing system to new scales with just a few clicks.

Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud

Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 now and benefit from the right industry and role-specific applications. Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can run your entire business in the cloud and adapt it to your pace of growth. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you work in a comprehensive ecosystem. Productivity applications such as Microsoft 365, Teams, SharePoint, LinkedIn, Insights and Sales Navigator, Bing as well as Azure are part of this broad offering. Use the most modern and advanced software tools to process data stored in the cloud. With the Microsoft ecosystem, you have more time to focus on customer needs and drive innovation.

Through Microsoft AppSource, functional applications that are needed in the short to medium term can be purchased, allowing you to expand functionality and/or add multiple users as the business grows. Because the business applications shared a common data model and Dynamics 365 allows the applications to work together seamlessly, users experience consistency of operation.

Microsoft Dynamics 365's integrated cloud solutions can be used on all mobile devices. This means your team can access the information they need, work remotely, and improve performance at any time and from any device - all in a single environment. Flexibility is paramount with Microsoft Dynamics 365: Microsoft Power Apps lets you create your own business apps without writing code. Quickly develop individual business apps for your company and digitize your business processes. Whether for tablet, smartphone or on the computer - whether in the company's own intranet (e.g. SharePoint) or via an internal website: Microsoft Power Apps can be used on various devices and in a wide variety of company contexts. Microsoft Power Automate allows you to enhance your business processes with automated workflows. Over 200 services can be linked, including SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Dynamics 365. Choose from a variety of predefined flow templates, or create your own diagram using the wide range of intuitive tools.

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We will be happy to inform you about the successful integration of your company into the cloud.

Udo Burbrink

Head of Business Unit
Microsoft Dynamics

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