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Management Portrait
Helge Roth
Managing Director of SYCOR AMERICAS Inc. 


Managing Director of SYCOR AMERICAS Inc. 


Responsible for all of Sycor's business in North America

Personal details

Schooling in Holzminden (South Lower Saxony) was followed by a business management course of studies in Würzburg and in Göttingen. He launched his career with Sycor in the year 2000 as an SAP Consultant. In 2003, he moved to the Microsoft Dynamics AX department and took over management of Microsoft Dynamics AX projects. Helge has been responsible for sales management in this department since 2009. Focusing on the international sale of Microsoft Dynamics AX products followed in 2011. To continue expanding the Dynamics AX business in the USA, he moved to Pittsburgh, PA in 2013 where he held the position of COO/Vice President of Sales. In 2018 he took over the responsibility as Managing Director of SYCOR AMERICAS Inc.

What Sycor means to me
  • "For me, Sycor is my home, my hobby and especially my incentive every day to develop solutions for customers and prospects by working together with my colleagues. Even after 13 years with the company, walking into our offices (almost) always puts a happy smile on my face."

    Helge Roth, Managing Director, SYCOR AMERICAS Inc. and SYCOR CANADA Inc.

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