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Optimization of Quality Management 
in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sycor.Quality – The Path to Quality-Assured Business

In today's business world, the quality of products and processes is a crucial factor for the success of a company. Particularly in industries such as medical technology, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing, quality control functions are of the utmost importance. Sycor.Quality, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, is a powerful solution to enhance product quality and increase efficiency in the supply chain.

Insufficient product quality, delayed response to deviations, and lacking traceability can lead to production downtime, delivery delays, safety risks, and regulatory issues, especially in sensitive areas such as medical technology and pharmaceuticals. 

Our quality control functions of Sycor.Quality offer a comprehensive range of tools to ensure that your products meet the highest standards.

Your Advantages

Elevate your quality inspection processes to a new level - 
with our advanced, fundamental features, you will benefit from the following:

Components of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Sycor.Quality includes components of a LIMS that enable a holistic view of your products and thus improve your product quality.

Compliant with all relevant regulations

Sycor.Quality considers industry-specific regulations and standards to ensure that your quality processes meet legal requirements.


With Sycor.Quality, companies can standardize and automate their quality processes. This leads to consistent workflows and reduces errors.

Fully automated

Automated checks and notifications accelerate the quality control process. The solution provides real-time monitoring to minimize production downtime.

More cost-effective than a custom solution

Compared to the individual development of a quality management solution, Sycor.Quality is cost-effective. Furthermore, using a proven solution reduces the risk of errors and speeds up ROI.

Less implementation effort

Since Sycor.Quality is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, companies can leverage existing infrastructures. Implementation is faster and easier. The solution benefits from the security and scalability advantages of the Microsoft platform.

Traceable quality assurance

All quality data is comprehensively documented and traceable. The solution supports compliance with ISO standards and other quality standards to ensure product quality.

Overview of Features

  • Sampling
    With advanced sampling features, you can set freely definable tolerance limits and color them to immediately identify deviations.
  • Document Management
    The enhanced document management allows you to easily manage process-relevant information during quality inspections, including attachments and other relevant documents.
  • Advanced Inspection Plans for Flexibility
    With advanced inspection plans, you can freely define test areas and provide tooltips and abbreviation lists for each inspection position.
  • Equipment Management for Accurate Traceability
    Improved equipment management and historicized quality assignments ensure efficient and accurate tracking of inspections and results.
  • Sampling Inspection According to International Standards
    With sampling based on ISO 2859 AQL, including skip-lot functionality, you can conduct inspections according to international standards while increasing efficiency.
  •  Detailed Data Reports
    Detailed data reports enable precise tracking of changes and transparent and traceable quality assurance.

Your Benefits for Enhanced Quality Assurance

1. Efficient Quality Control: 
Sycor.Quality enables precise monitoring of product quality. Companies can identify and correct deviations early, leading to less waste, reduced costs, and higher efficiency.

2. Traceability and Compliance: 
The solution provides seamless traceability of products and processes. This is crucial for compliance with safety regulations, quality standards, and regulatory requirements.

3. Customer Trust and Brand Reputation: 
High-quality products strengthen customer trust. With Sycor.Quality, companies can improve their brand reputation and build long-term customer relationships.

4. Competitive Advantage: 
An effective quality management is a differentiating factor. Companies that optimize their quality are better positioned to compete in the market and seize new business opportunities.

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Director Product Management 
Microsoft Dynamics 
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