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    Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Queisser Pharma

    Queisser Pharma develops, produces, and markets a broad range of high quality health maintenance products. In order to make its employees more mobile, improve customer satisfaction, and enable better collaboration, Queisser Pharma has chosen Microsoft Dynamics CRM as its new CRM system.

    Queisser Pharma represents healthy living and holistic well-being. The portfolio of the traditional company includes medicine, medical devices, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics. Its products under the Doppelherz brand are among the top-selling nutritional supplements in Germany. After an intensive examination and selection phase, Queisser decided on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sycor with aXon as the project partner. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, with a focus on the mobile front end, impressed both IT and the key users. "Sycor's good understanding of our processes combined with the technical expertise of the implementation partner aXon and the convincing approach proved decisive," says Marcus Ebsen, Internal Sales Manager/Customer Service at Queisser.

    Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Queisser Pharma

    Making employees more mobile

    Direct order processing during a customer visit at the pharmacy by the district managers is the core process. Optimized order entry with touch functionality and a digital product presentation are provided for this purpose. The combination with Microsoft Windows tablets of the latest generation fits the bill: "Super, this is exactly what we need," said one participant in the course of training. All mobile sales processes are supported in the CRM app: From route planning to the product presentation to order entry and expense reports. That saves valuable time, motivates the employees, and the modern image is well received by the customer.

    Improved customer satisfaction

    Customer-related activities are handled faster with the new Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. Focko Meyer, IT Manager at Queisser Pharma, describes it this way: "The shorter delivery times are a genuine, measurable benefit for us and our customers." New possibilities for tailoring offerings to the individual needs of the customer and the use of visual signals, for example, when changes in buying behavior are identified, also lead to better customer orientation.

    Customer testimonial
    • "The pragmatic approach and open communication between all project participants were key factors for the success of the project."

      Focko Meyer,  IT Manager, Queisser Pharma

      Optimum support for pharmaceutical sales representatives

      The CRM system also provides optimum support for the newly introduced pharmaceutical sales representative processes – from route planning to visit documentation. Visits are made to doctor's practices in order to boost the willingness to recommend Doppelherz products. The CRM sales representative functions were adapted and expanded for this purpose. It is also possible for pharmaceutical sales representatives to select the nearest pharmacy, or to store the recommended pharmacy of a doctor's practice.

      Better collaboration

      Sales, Customer Service (back office), and Key Account Management have a new system for comprehensive collaboration with the new CRM. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the central platform, all customer hierarchies, orders, activities, marketing promotions, and reports are visible in one system in real time. Intensive training was provided to accustom the users to the new processes and functions. This contributed to the high level of acceptance for the new CRM system and enabled its productive use from day one.


      "The pragmatic approach and open communication between all project participants were key factors for the success of the project," is how Focko Meyer sums it up. And the project continues: The next modules for Marketing Campaigns and Key Account Management are already being planned.

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