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  • Eli Lilly and Company
    • Target group: Trainers, multipliers and end users
    • Project scope: 33,000 users 59 countries 14 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese

    Global IT training project with high flexibility

    In order to optimally support the worldwide implementation of the new expense settlement program EERS from the start, the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company relied on training from Sycor. Sycor supported more than 33,000 users in 59 countries and in 14 languages, helping them to use the new system with a comprehensive training and support package.

    Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly) with more than 38,350 employees worldwide and branches in 125 countries is among the largest life sciences companies in the world. In April of 2011, Lilly began with the worldwide introduction of the new expense settlement program EERS (Employee Expense Reporting System) developed by IBM. Sycor conceived a flexible training approach in order to familiarize over 33,000 users with the new system while taking country-specific (e.g. tax) requirements and processes into account. This approach had to meet the needs of a centrally controlled, worldwide implementation while also taking into account the local legal and methodological requirements in 59 countries. In order to do so, Sycor put together a complete training package with comprehensive media and training activities in 14 languages.

    Life sciences company Lilly receives global IT training and support

    Professional and qualified training package

    "Sycor has been Lilly’s training partner for more than 10 years, and is intimately familiar with many of our business processes. This know-how and many years of cooperation based on trust supported our decision to engage Sycor for this global training project as well,“ says Egon Hübinger-Graner, Project Manager at Lilly. To ensure training quality, all steps from conceptual development to realization were reconciled with the requirements of Lilly as well as the company and  project-specific particularities. The global training project was based on the training documentation prepared especially for Lilly, including the EERS manual, quick reference cards, demo videos and interactive e-learning modules. "We initially created a set of core materials, which we then adapted for each country and translated into the respective national language as needed," explains Jessika Steckenborn, Director Sales at Sycor. "Then the documentation was made available in a timely manner for the roll-out through Lilly‘s internal SharePoint platform, so that every user worldwide only saw the materials relevant," Steckenborn continues. In addition to the comprehensive media package, Sycor conducted online training with a team of trainers via WebEx for Lilly’s internal trainers and multipliers as well as the end users. Training was provided in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Russian and Japanese. Face-to-face training was conducted as well in South Africa, Ireland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia and Portugal due to special situations in those countries.

    Customer testimonial
    • "With Sycor, we have found an excellent partner to carry out our specific requirements. The entire project went according to plan, thanks to diligent preparation and the great flexibility of all participants at Sycor."

      Vera Schuster, Global EERS Business Integrator, Lilly USA

      Comprehensive product support

      Targeted support services were another important element of the project. Sycor assumed an important role in coordinating the country-specific requirements and prerequisites with the various service partners (IBM as the software developer, Hewlett Packard as the global support partner, the business travel provider Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT)) as well as Lilly’s global project team. "Since we provided support for several countries in different time zones for a few weeks during the so-called stabilization phase, we had to assure 24-hour support," says Andreas Hilla, Project Manager and Director Training and Consulting at Sycor. A new mobile version of the application was rolled out worldwide during the final project phase in 2013. Sycor updated the existing media for this step and produced English e-learning modules for various target groups, so that face-to-face training was largely unnecessary. "With Sycor, we have found an excellent partner for the realization of our specific requirements. The entire project went according to plan, thanks to diligent preparation and the great flexibility of all participants at Sycor," says Vera Schuster, Global EERS Business Integrator at Lilly's headquarters in Indianapolis, IN , USA.

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