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How to make digitalization work
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How to make digitalization work

March 25, 2019

Master digitalization in your company with these four useful tips. 

The flood of data is one of the digital transformation's greatest challenges. It leads to more and more documents and files. The good news: With the right strategy, you can be fully prepared for the working world of tomorrow. After all, digitalization not only harbors challenges but offers numerous benefits as well. What should you watch for on your way into the digital era?

Our expert Harald Tingelhoff has four useful tips for you:

  • Put your money on central information recording and delivery - via mobile apps, for example.
  • Automate your business processes, such as with automatic postings of recurring invoices.
  • Use your ERP and CRM data in other systems – Microsoft SharePoint is a good example.
  • Remember that legal standards for information security and data storage need to be met, as with the ISO 270001 standard, for example.

Taking these points into account has numerous benefits:

  • You improve the effectiveness of your processes and boost productivity.
  • You intensify internal and external collaboration.
  • You meet legal requirements and improve information and data security.


Is your company ready for the digital future? We would be happy to advise you!

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