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  • Pfizer International
    • Project goals: service desk for Pfizer sales force
    • 1st level service desk
    • Hardware replacement/ maintenance
    • Software management and distribution
    • Asset management
    • Mobile device management
    • Supplier management
    • User management / accounts

    IT Service Desk for sales reps

     For over eight years, Sycor has been operating as an outsourcing partner for Pfizer's 1st level service desk for approximately 700 sales representatives.

    The world‘s largest research-based pharmaceutical company Pfizer currently employs a staff of 3,000 at several locations in Germany. More than 700 of them act as sales representatives for the pharmaceutical, animal health and consumer health care units. In order to meet the special requirements of the sales  organization, this is supported by a dedicated IT service desk. 

    Pfizer outsourcing partner for 1st level service desk for Pfizer employees

    The Pfizer sales force directs all the questions and queries concerning software and hardware to the ELISA team (Electronic Information System for the Sales) at Sycor. According to Jürgen Hauck, Business Technology  Regional Lead Oncology Europe & BT Country Lead Germany, Pfizer.: "Sycor's ELISA team has been a reliable partner in providing support to our sales force for many years . The regular positive feedback from our users in the field is clear evidence of that“. 

    Sycor has been a service partner for Pfizer since 2004. Initially it provided support for the internal IT support teams in Karlsruhe, Germany. Later, in the course of relocation to Berlin, all ELISA tasks were outsourced to Sycor. Sycor operates as an audited site with direct access to the Pfizer network.

    1st level – The main task

    The key requirement for a service desk is good accessibility and high first call resolution rate. The team consistently fulfills this quality criterion by processing all  requests concerning hardware (laptops, printers, mobile devices, VPN token) and software (standard client, business applications, CRM) in a swift and competent manner.

    Customer testimonial
    • "The ELISA team at Sycor has been a reliable support partner for our field service for many years. This is proven by regular positive feedback from our users in the field."

      Jürgen Hauck, Business Technology Regional Lead Oncology Europe & BT Country Lead Germany, Pfizer International

      Additional services

      The duties of the ELISA teams, however, go far beyond the ticket processing. For example, all hardware is managed by Sycor within the global IT structure (asset management). Likewise, the replacement and repair of hardware as well as the provision of equipment for new employees are organized by Sycor. For on-site service (e.g. printers) more partners are managed. In addition to that, Sycor provides the DMS Site Lead (Desktop Management System) to ensure the provision and distribution of software within the global portfolio. The mobile device management (MDM) is becoming increasingly important for the process of administering the wide variety of smartphones, tablets and PDAs.

      ITIL conformity

      The ELISA team at Sycor is integrated into the international service structures of the corporate group within the framework of the ITIL-based "one-support model". Communication with subsequent levels in English is a matter of course.

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