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Collaboration between giants - Microsoft and SAP intensify their cooperation and present S/4HANA on Azure

December 13, 2017

Last week, Microsoft and SAP announced they were expanding their partnership. Following the in-memory database, SAP HANA, the ERP suite S/4HANA is now also being offered on Azure, the Microsoft cloud platform. On the one hand, this development can be seen as a strategic move against the cloud market leader Amazon, but on the other hand, end customers, in particular, benefit from this cooperation between the two IT firms.

The strategic partnership between the two IT giants, Microsoft and SAP, has existed for quite some time. Currently more than 37,000 joint customers benefit from cooperation between the two companies, as seen through the use of NetWeaver or HANA on Azure, for example. Now the corporations are taking another step closer to each other. Customers can run their S/4HANA system on the Microsoft Azure managed cloud platform. The benefits are readily apparent: Implementing a S/4HANA system takes less time and the solution's performance is improved by linking S/4HANA to Azure services. Microsoft solutions, such as Power BI and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, can now be used for analysis of the data in S/4HANA. The fast scalability of the IT landscape running on Azure is another benefit, since additional server capacities are always available. Last but not least, the Microsoft cloud scores points in the area of data protection compared to other clouds. In short, the new cooperation establishes optimum conditions for companies to go digital.

S/4HANA on Azure is a good solution for midsize enterprises. In addition to the implementation speed, the main benefits of cloud services are scalability and lower costs. Additional hardware capacities are available at any time and can be activated with a click – worldwide. One only pays for what is actually used, down to the minute.

"As a gold partner for both Microsoft and SAP, we welcome this cooperation between our two leading partners," says Frank Wilkes, member of management in Technology Services at Sycor. Sycor's customers benefit in two ways: From Sycor's expertise accumulated through many years of integrating Microsoft and SAP applications, and from counting both Azure and S/4HANA specialists among its employees. "We are going to set up a task force for S/4HANA on Azure, and are already looking forward to our first projects with S/4HANA on Azure," Wilkes adds.

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