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  • C.B. König
    • Reliable and consistent warehouse and inventory management
    • Flexibility in handling various sizes and article versions
    • Ability to integrate online shops and modern IT solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365

    C.B. König counts on Microsoft Dynamics for its inventory and warehouse management 

    C.B. König has a new ERP system: The company is fit for the future with the modern Microsoft Dynamics platform. Project implementation was handled by Sycor.

    "We are fit for the future with our new Microsoft Dynamics solution," says Tino Gormanns, Managing Director of C.B. König with conviction. "We can link an online shop to this modern ERP platform or use it with Microsoft Office 365. In cooperation with our implementation partner Sycor, we have also laid the technology foundation for the systematic expansion of our IT landscape in this project." There were several good reasons to migrate from the existing Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 environment at C.B. König. Aside from the lack of possibilities for integrating modern IT solutions, the end of support from Microsoft was an important factor in the decision to implement a new ERP system. "Our old system also lacked reliable, integrated warehouse and inventory management, as well as the flexibility to handle different sizes and versions of our articles," Tino Gormanns continues. "We no longer have these problems with the new ERP solution. With around 15,000 articles in our product range, there was an urgent need."

    New Microsoft Dynamics ERP system for C.B. König

    The company specializes in consulting and sales in the fire department, rescue service, maritime equipment, breathing protection technology, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, police, DLRG, and DRK segments among others. The contract for implementing the new Microsoft Dynamics solution was awarded to Sycor. "We turned to Sycor based on a recommendation. Subsequently, the team impressed us with its Dynamics, IT, and trading expertise," Gormanns says.

    Successful implementation of a challenging project

    "Since using Microsoft Dynamics for all processes from inquiries to order management, purchasing, sales, inventory, and invoicing was intended, we first conducted a detailed analysis," is how Sycor Project Manager Christian Dauth describes the approach. Then a decision was made with C.B. König's management to implement the solution as closely to the standard as possible, adapting some business processes to accommodate that. "Employees had to reorganize their mode of operation because we converted the handling of negative inventory levels to consistent inventory management," Christian Dauth continues. C.B. König CEO Gormanns adds: "We overcame similar challenges with the article versions. Here we advanced from articles without a defined size to intelligent, flexible size and version administration. Sycor gave us good advice and did a great job representing this in the system."

    Customer testimonial
    • "Sycor's employees built a suitable Microsoft Dynamics solution that is working very well for us. They stayed on time and on budget. Operation continued smoothly after going live, just the way we desired."

      Tino Gormanns, CEO, C.B. König 

      In the course of the project, Sycor's employees also transferred the monthly balances retroactively for two years, implemented an advance payment and advance invoice function, enabled cash sales through order processing, and set up various payment methods – debit card, cash, bank transfer, and advance payment. "We integrated the dunning process and quotation management with comprehensive costing into the new ERP solution, along with a mass data management feature, for example for articles," Christian Dauth from Sycor explains. "Working with the C.B. König team was pleasant and highly goal-oriented, it went well."

      Satisfaction after going live

      "I am truly satisfied with the way the project went. Our internal team did a great job in cooperation with Sycor," says Tino Gormanns in conclusion about the ERP implementation. "Sycor's employees built a suitable Microsoft Dynamics solution that is working very well for us. They stayed on time and on budget. Operations continued smoothly after going live, just the way we desired." Consistently providing the required training using a train-the-trainer approach also ensured a good start to working with the new system.

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