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  • Laboratoires Grünenthal
    • Training course design
    • Training sessions carried out by native-speaking trainers
    • Compilation of manuals for four different target groups (Sales, Medical Sales Liaison, Marketing, Market Access)

    Professional support for CRM implementation

    Looking to integrate their CRM landscape, Laboratoires Grünenthal launched a CRM solution from Veeva. Training experts from Sycor carried out the know-how transfer and instructed Grünenthal‘s employees in the use of the new system.

    Laboratoires Grünenthal S.A.S. is part of the Grünenthal Group, which operates in 26 countries throughout the world. Currently, 4,400 employees work for the company worldwide. The pharmaceutical company, which specializes in pain management, decided to implement CRM software from Veeva Systems as part of the integration of the Group‘s CRM systems throughout Europe. Changes in processes and new functions now needed to be clarified for field staff and medical sales liaisons. In order to get employees up to speed with the new system and promote acceptance of the new CRM solution, extensive training sessions were carried out by training partner Sycor. Grünenthal‘s employees received on-site training consisting of 10 parallel sessions of three days each.

    Professional support for CRM implementation

    A single source for all training services

    Sycor provided Grünenthal a complete training package starting from concept to design, through planning and up to conducting the training sessions. The package was complemented by training materials customized especially for Grünenthal. Prior to designing the training course, a kick-off event defining the project‘s objectives was first held at Grünenthal‘s Paris offices. Following this event, Sycor mbs developed a project-specific training concept, customized trainer manuals as well as training presentations.

    Knowledge transfer focused on the target group

    All training sessions were conducted in-house by experienced, native-speaking trainers. This ensured that any questions or problems which arose could be received and dealt with on the spot. Differentiated training modules were created, tailored to the requirements and level of knowledge of the various users – Sales, Medical Sales Liaison, Marketing and Market Access. In addition, Sycor put together four manuals geared toward the explanation of the various functions of the CRM system as well as the needs of the respective target group. "The team from Sycor did a fantastic job and proved very patient during the training sessions," concluded Thierry Legrier, Head of Commercial Development at Laboratoires Grünenthal positively.

    Customer testimonial
    • "Sycor's team did a fantastic job and proved very patient during the training sessions."

      Thierry Legrier, Head of Commercial Development, Laboratoires Grünenthal S.A.S.

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