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Your successful entry into the cloud
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Your successful entry into the cloud

December 5, 2018

Cloud computing is here to stay. No wonder, since effective cloud solutions make a key contribution to competitiveness. Many companies face the challenge of finding the appropriate way to implement cloud computing. We explain what really counts.

How do companies implement cloud computing successfully?

For a company that has grown over the years and whose IT has also developed over time, you should not expect to move entirely into the cloud overnight. It is far more likely for companies to first solve specific current problems, support departments with a special cloud solution, outsource certain systems, or implement a long-term strategy, step by step to migrate all their IT to the cloud. Regardless of the ultimate objective and the size of the cloud project, companies should obtain advice from a partner with a comprehensive understanding of both the cloud and the on-premise world of IT. Companies need the know-how of a true cloud expert for an ideal start in the cloud.

In your opinion, what defines a cloud expert?

A cloud expert is familiar with both the new and the old world of IT, and uses this knowledge to ensure that companies reap the full benefits of cloud solutions. They should focus on individual customer requirements, find a perfectly fitting cloud solution, and be able to integrate it with the existing on-premise systems to create a harmonious and stable functional whole. Rather than talking the customer into throwing all existing systems overboard, they find exactly the right mix of cloud and on-premise. They skillfully combine the benefits of the public cloud with those of the private cloud, according to the needs. Naturally, they are also able to migrate all IT to the cloud, either in small steps or in one giant leap. 

What cloud products and services do you offer for your customers?

In the Microsoft environment, we are a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). As a Cloud Solution Provider, we considerably simplify the selection, implementation, and ongoing use of Microsoft Cloud offerings. We handle delivery, administration, support, and account settlement for all Microsoft Cloud services. Sycor offers all Microsoft Cloud solutions and services – Office 365, Azure, SharePoint Online, Dynamics 365, and all other Microsoft Online products. With us, customers also obtain the usage rights complemented by administration, support, and account settlement for the desired services. The bottom line is a transparent, calculable monthly price for an individual, professionally managed CSP package of Microsoft Cloud solutions. We are the customer's sole contractual partner. Thanks to our CSP partnership with Microsoft, we save companies time in two ways: For one, you are able to start using cloud technologies more quickly and for another, you have only one point of contact to resolve all questions.  

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