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The right practical focus for every semester

Say goodbye to dull theory! Sycor offers students in the field of business information technology and economics a range of opportunities for gaining practical experience and gaining insight into the everyday work of an international full-service IT provider. 

Learning by doing

Whether in an internship, degree thesis, or a work study position – at Sycor, you can consolidate and deepen the skills you’ve acquired at university. True to the motto “learning by doing,” you will work on exciting tasks as part of project teams and in doing so, learn the practical side of the business.

Write about IT with us – your thesis at Sycor

A bachelor or master’s thesis is a good opportunity to gain practical experience. We can determine whether the topic you have chosen fits our current focus and whether we can provide you with the appropriate guidance. We want to make sure the thesis you write at Sycor has a practical orientation, that we will be able to optimally support you with a personal contact partner, and involve you on an intensive basis.

Many students who have written their graduate theses with us have also started their professional careers at Sycor. And who knows, maybe you will find that you want to become a part of our team while you’re working on your degree thesis here, too.

Write about IT with us – your thesis at Sycor

Off to work

If you're studying and doubting whether so much theory is right for you,  you can always switch to an apprenticeship. With us. 

The perfect career start.

Careers at Sycor: We look forward to your application!
Start your career with IT professionals
We look forward to your application!

If you are interested in starting your career with us, please send us your complete application via our job portal. 

Job Portal

Get to know us better!

How we treat each other is firmly anchored in our values ​​and guidelines. Click around to get to know us better. And in our short profile, you will find many facts about us - briefly summarized.

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