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Get the best out of home office

May 27, 2020

The Corona pandemic has of course also reached Sycor and all its employees. Social Distancing in the form of "home office" - many people can no longer even hear the term! But the most important thing is that we have managed for months to do our jobs as usual despite a completely unfamiliar situation by giving everything and not letting our heads hang down. Keep up the good work!

For some people, myself included, home office is not necessarily a bad thing. Personally, I can do a lot with it, work more concentrated because I am not distracted by anything or anyone, and my wallet says thank you! Normally I drive about 100 kilometers every day by car and train to and from work. So since the measures taken to protect against corona infection started at our company, I have been able to save countless kilometers. I have only filled up my car for the second time since mid-March. Now everyone knows what their own home office routine looks like, but maybe it's also interesting to get to know someone else's routine. 

In my case the day starts quite early. The time that I usually need to drive to Göttingen is no longer necessary. In my case that means: more sleep or an earlier end of the day! So I start the day with a coffee or tea and a small meal, start checking my mails and see what exactly awaits me today. Within the team we meet every morning for a quarter of an hour for a short vote. 

However, this is not only about clarifying possible questions, but also about exchanging ideas and talking to each other.

I personally think that this is a good thing, even though the value of a simple conversation can vary from person to person: Some people are very happy about it. In order to keep communication and togetherness going a little bit further, I also talk to some trainee colleagues about all kinds of topics, even if it's only on the side. I find it very important to maintain a few "social contacts".

This is how the day goes: I do my tasks, plan my breaks and if I have questions, I have enough colleagues I can approach, even if only with a microphone and headphones.

As such, I can do all the tasks I normally do at work at home. Some things, such as transferring large files, are of course much faster and better when I'm at the company. But in this case this is also due to my very poor private internet connection. For all other tasks, however, this is fortunately completely sufficient. For tasks or to clarify organizational matters, I can simply contact my instructor and the problem is solved. So I always feel well looked after in my home office!

Of course, I'm also looking forward to seeing all the colleagues in person. One thing I'm really looking forward to is talking to my colleagues at the coffee machine and generally getting to know each other better!

The thought of such conversations and also future events motivates me to make the best out of my home office and to continue looking forward to the second half of the year with confidence!

Our authors have very different professions and come from different areas and locations of Sycor. All write from their personal point of view and from their personal experiences.

Marvin Fürstenberg

Trainee IT specialist for application development in the MD field