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My start into the working life - Goodbye school! 

October 2, 2020

In times of Corona, a start of training is different from what you normally know. Sitting together with all trainees? Unfortunately not. Nevertheless, Sycor came up with something so that we could get to know each other despite the current circumstances.

Our large group was divided into two small groups right at the beginning. These then met on the first two days at the Göttingen locations at the train station and the freight traffic center (GVZ). First we got our work equipment and documents, which consisted of a notebook, a notebook bag, a goody bag with various small things from Sycor and a lot of paperwork. In our offices we then had the rest of our working equipment: two monitors and a headset and everything else you need to work. Not only did we get to know each other on the two days we started, but also the Sycor world, for example the Sycor intranet and a system where we record our working hours, book vacations or process invoices.

During the break, all trainees met at the GVZ and had lunch together - Sycor enabled us to order hot lunch. All in all, we trainees were very well received by Sycor and were able to get to know each other well despite Corona.

In addition, I was not only so well received by Sycor as a whole, but also received a very friendly welcome in my department. I work in the Projects/Invoicing department, which is part of the Business Administration department. In this department, I have already got to know many topics and I have also done some things on my own.  

One task that I handle almost daily and also independently is project closures. Furthermore, I release projects or debtors under observation. Furthermore I get to know something new every day about all kinds of topics, whether they are regulations, closures, releases etc.

My goals are clear: I would like to grow professionally and personally through this training and get to know new things. I am also pleased that I have the opportunity to get a taste of each department and to get to know the respective subject areas. In conclusion, I can say that this apprenticeship was a very good decision for me and I will not regret it.

One thing is clear - I am looking forward to the next three years in which I can develop further and gain new experience.

I thank Sycor for making this possible.

Our authors have very different professions and come from different areas and locations of Sycor. All write from their personal point of view and from their personal experiences.

Lara Meyer

Apprenticeship as office management assistant