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Power Automate for Dummies

You have probably heard of Microsoft Power Automate. It might even be included in your Microsoft 365 license. But does your business use it? 

Power Automate is a “low code/no code” platform where individuals with no coding experience can write automation tasks using a simple, drag and drop interface. It has the potential to reduce your team’s workload dramatically, and it's also just a lot of fun to play with! 

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Sycor will show you the basics in this quick 30 minute webinar, including: 

  1. Making basic automation flows without any coding 
  2. Email notifications galore! You dream it, you can get an email alerting you to it 
  3. How new AI solutions revolutionize Power Automate 
  4. How a Microsoft ERP solution unlocks the full potential of Power Automate 

Watch the webinar on demand now!

Webinar on Demand

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