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The first six months of training under different conditions (Part 2)

March 24, 2021

Let's move on: Our start into a new phase of life and, for many, the first step into professional life could begin as planned on 01.08.2020. How has Corona influenced us since then? What do our apprentice colleagues from the 1st year of training have to say about it? We share our experience as future application developers for Microsoft Dynamics here.

Internal training from the home office

Like every apprenticeship year, we had many different internal trainings. The difference to our previous apprenticeship years? Everything was done remotely and not on site as usual. Our colleague Michael Eschke had to change completely for us and make his training courses online-capable. Fortunately, there were enough software and hardware solutions for this. At first we had to feel our way around a bit, how long can you process the input in one go? There is another difference between being able to see everything directly on site and remotely on your screen. At the end of the day, we can say that everything went smoothly and would like to thank Michael once again for the training sessions so far. The trainings have also helped us a lot with regard to the school material. We are therefore looking forward to the last training in March.

School in relation to homelearning

On the first few days, the online portal, which BBS2 in Göttingen also uses, failed all over the country. No problem - our teachers provided us with assignments. Since there was a lot of uncertainty at first and we weren't sure on the first days whether the video conferencing was really working again, we worked on the assignments that our teachers had set. Now after a few more weeks of school, teachers are slowly teaching as if we are in school again. We meet in the online conference rooms, the teachers continue to teach using their materials as normal, and when we students have the opportunity to respond to the teacher's questions, we manage to get everyone in our class to speak up - without having to report directly via chat and take the teacher's turn. Homelearning has settled down well in relation to face-to-face teaching.

Survey results from the 1st year of apprenticeship

So that not only our own opinion flows into the blog, but the opinions of all new apprentices, we started a small survey among the new apprentices of this year. Our survey was about starting out in the working world, home office vs. office and vocational school.

We received a total of 10 responses, including ourselves. We only answered the questions in the diagram so as not to repeat our own opinions in the survey.

Entering the professional world

Something else you would like to say about the start of your career:

Our trainee colleagues found the start of their careers very pleasant. The corona crisis was not as widespread at that time as it was in spring 2020 or at the moment. At the beginning, we still had a lot of new things to learn, but over time this has subsided and we feel very well accepted in our teams.

How do you get along with your instructor/colleague?

Here we received an answer of at least good from all of them, most of them wrote to us that they get along very well with their colleagues in the departments, even though we haven't been able to get to know all of them personally yet.

How did you find the basic training in Remote?

On the whole, we found the basic training very good. Our trainee colleagues are a little ambivalent about the basic training from the home office. Most were rather satisfied with the theoretical part from the home office. Many imagined that the practical parts would have been better on site, but this was not possible due to the current Corona situation. In addition, some think that they could have concentrated/cooperated better on site and are rather less receptive from the home office. Overall, the basic training was felt to be very good and it has also helped many in school.

Are you satisfied with your workload?

Most are very satisfied with their workload and tasks. 

Home office vs. office

Out of 10 apprentices, 9 are in the home office at the moment.

Advantages of the home office Disadvantages of the home office 
Time saving for outward and return journeyLess personal contact with colleagues
Saving from travel moneyDistracted concentration in the home office
Get up later 


In general, we trainees find it very good that we have the possibility to work from the home office. We would also like to have a hybrid of home office and office hours in the future.

Many thanks to our trainee colleagues for the numerous answers!

Our authors have very different professions and come from different areas and locations of Sycor. All of them write from their personal point of view and from their personal experiences.

Eaven Schmalz & Christopher Nolte

IT specialist for application development