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    European approach for Veeva CRM training project

    When it came to switching to a cloud-based CRM solution from Veeva Systems, Eli Lilly and Company (Lilly) chose Sycor as their European training partner. Sycor developed a modular training concept for Lilly’s sales force in Germany, the UK, Italy and Spain. Services included the localization and creation of material, conducting the training, and temporary CRM support for the end users.

    Altogether, more than 35 training managers, senior trainers, test designers, and media developers from Sycor have been involved in the successful Veeva rollout in Germany, the UK, Italy, and Spain. The timeframe for preparation, delivery, and the hyper-care phase was 8 months. The kick-off took place in Lilly’s European headquarter in Basingstoke, UK. There, during a global train-the-trainer session all training managers became familiarized with the new CRM implementation and received the core training materials. Subsequently, manuals, trainer guides and presentations as well as quick reference cards for the Veeva solutions iRep and Veeva online were localized and translated according to the countries’ specifics. 

    Veeva CRM training for field service employees

    With these localized materials, the training managers were able to prepare the national trainer teams in train-the-trainer sessions. “When a new CRM system is implemented, a number of work flows and business processes are changed. Our job was to communicate these innovations and to bring the employees up to speed on the use of the Veeva solution,” says Jessika Steckenborn, Sales Director at Sycor. For this task, 28 of Sycor's trainers delivered almost one hundred days of training for Lilly pilot users, end users and district sales managers in four countries and in four languages.

    Global roll-out with local specifics

    For Lilly’s locations in Germany and the UK, Sycor provided a full service package: from developing training concepts and conducting the training sessions to producing media and providing post-rollout support. “Within the scope of this project, it was important to us to offer each country the opportunity to train their employees in their own country-specific way. On the basis of a European framework agreement we were able to provide our services for each country under the same conditions,” Jessika Steckenborn explains. The training approach was localized for Italy and Spain: Spain chose a train-the-trainer strategy involving its district sales managers, and Italy employed the experienced, Italian CRM trainers from Sycor in addition to its own resources.

    Customer testimonial
    • "Choosing Sycor was an easy decision for us, since the company has been our training and service partner for many years and has sound experience with Veeva."

      Wilfried Posegga, Customer Operations Manager, Lilly Germany

      Cloud-based CRM system

      With more than 38,000 employees worldwide and affiliates in 125 countries, Lilly is among the largest life sciences companies in the world. In order to enable the company to react more quickly and flexibly to changes in the pharmaceutical market, Lilly wanted to integrate its CRM landscape and replace its old system with a user-friendly solution tailored specifically to the needs of the life sciences industry. They opted for a cloud-based CRM system from Veeva. “We needed to find a lean CRM system that allowed us to carry out our processes more effectively,” says Wilfried Posegga, Customer Operations Manager for Germany at Lilly. In addition to the challenges related to the technical changeover, the training for the company’s sales force was an important factor for the success of the CRM rollout. For this training project, Lilly again turned to the training expert Sycor. “We chose Sycor for this project because they have already been training our staff and have been service partner for Lilly for many years. In addition, they have broad experience with Veeva solutions,” explains Posegga.

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