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    A smooth start for a start-up

    Sycor helped acb get off to a smooth start by developing and operating the new company‘s entire IT infrastructure on a tight schedule.

    acb has developed a modern, software-based accounting model with which real estate investors can efficiently tackle the challenges of complex, international property investments and companies. In addition, acb provides the investor‘s operational team with a highly qualified and experienced accounting manager who oversees accounting activities for the entire portfolio.

    "We needed someone who could develop our IT infrastructure quickly and dependably during our startup phase. Our schedule was extremely tight," explains acb CEO Markus Rüger. "We always knew that Sycor was a competent, cost-oriented partner. That‘s why we contracted them for the entire project." Sycor would not only design and implement a completely new infrastructure for acb, it would also be in charge of operating it. In addition, Sycor‘s services included the implementation of a SAP ECC 6.0 system in a two-tiered configuration (divided between Sycor's two data centers in Germany) and provision of a document management and archiving solution.

    "The SAP, DMS, email and communications systems are undoubtedly the most important elements,“ says Dr. Frank Wilkes from Sycor's management team. "But ultimately, we‘re providing acb with a comprehensive IT landscape and running it for them as well." This includes a local network, a Cisco IP communications system with 40 extensions and cell phone lines, a VPN gateway for integrating mobile users and a local VMware infrastructure.

    Customer testimonial
    • "We saw Sycor as a professional, cost-oriented partner from the outset. For that reason, we assigned the entire project to the company."

      Markus Rüger, Managing Director, acb 

      The file, print, UMS and exchange  servers as well as the internal and external proxy servers run on this virtualizaion solution. Frank Wilkes stresses how secure the system is: "A dedicated backup  server including a tape autoloader is used to back up the entire local infrastructure. With two independent power supply systems, we ensure maximum protection in the event of a power outage. And of course the 10 Mbit Internet connection also has a firewall.“ The infrastructure also features a 2 Mbit/s MPLS connection and an IP VPN backup connection to Sycor‘s data center.

      "Right from the start, Sycor supported us with expertise for all our IT needs. That‘s why we also took their advice and contracted a local service provider to handle  client support,“ says acb CEO Markus Rüger. acb has entrusted Sycor with further projects, including expanding its telephone system and developing a terminal server solution.

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