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Microsoft Power BI
Transform data into information
to make better decisions – within minutes

Visualize business data in real time

Microsoft Power BI helps you collect, structure, evaluate, and visualize all information that is relevant for decision-making. As a part of your ERP system, on your office PC, or on your smartphone, Power BI is a visualization tool of the latest generation and can be fully integrated with the entire Microsoft product family.


Microsoft Power BI

Get a complete view of your most important  metrics, all in one place, updated in real time, and available on all of your devices.

Overview of your advantages with Power BI:

The benefits of Power BI
  • Collect, structure and evaluate decision-relevant business data
  • See all your data in a clear, modern view
  • Connect information from various data sources
  • Gain self-service BI without IT department support
  • Save time thanks to drag & drop and an intuitive user interface
  • Share results worldwide through interactive reports
  • Access your data on your mobile device
Microsoft Power BI

All data, all variants

Microsoft Power BI combines information from all data sources, including MS Excel, local data sources such as your ERP system, and data stored in the cloud such as Hadoop datasets and streaming data. In seconds, you can begin an analysis, identify trends, and have access to your company's most important business figures - all in real time and with individual dashboards. With Microsoft Power BI you can structure, analyze, and visualize your data entirely according to your preferences.

Sharing insights – mobile access

Microsoft Power BI lets you easily share your insights with your employees and colleagues. Not only can you provide them with visualized results, but you can also give them interactive reports. Thus, you can easily provide management with all relevant information they need for decision making. You are able to design the corresponding report once and use it over and over again.

Our services


Consulting services for Microsoft Power BI

Need professional support to analyze the requirements for your company, choose a suitable BI tool, or take the first steps to begin using Microsoft Power BI? Then you’ve found the right partner! From choosing the right BI tool to the conceptual design and implementation of individual industry dashboards, we provide professional services to meet all your needs.


Licensing for Microsoft Power BI

Licensing models can be very complex and confusing. Whether you have questions or have lost track of your current licensing status, we’re here to help you. Our license management experts are available to answer all your licensing questions.

Infrastructure and support

Infrastructure & Support for Microsoft Power BI

Cloud, hybrid, or on-premise? We are happy to help you find the optimal infrastructure for your BI solutions.


Training for Microsoft Power BI

Need Power BI training? Our trainers and coaches are happy to help you, remotely or on site at your facility.

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