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Social Distancing in the Office

Sycor.Back2Work – safely return to the office

Our free Sycor.Back2Work app (Canvas App) makes the transition back to the office easier and more secure. Implement social distancing regulations during the transition phase via an app on your phone and protect your employees.

Protect your employees – track infections in your company

Many companies have reduced the acute risk of infection for their employees by shifting to working from home. Now that governments and businesses are gradually opening back up, returning to the office is becoming more of an option. However, employees must still be protected and, if necessary, infection chains must be traced.

With our free Sycor.Back2Work app, we support you and your employees in returning to your accustomed workplace. By using the app, regulations regarding social distancing can be applied easily and clearly.


How it works

Add Office Spaces 

Add your office spaces and maximum capacities.

Reserve Office Spaces

Reserve an office space directly in the app.

Check-In and Check-Out

Check in and out of office spaces via a QR code.


Use PowerApp on your smartphone (IOS & Android).


Protect your employees by tracking who they came in contact with in case of infection.


No additional costs if you already use Azure AD, O365 and SharePoint Online.

Download the Sycor.Back2Work App

Data protection - important and secure 


All data is stored in compliance with GDPR in your Office 365 Tenant. 

Data economy

There is no GPS tracking and no Bluetooth evaluations. 

Access protection

The evaluation of the data is only available to selected persons. 

Sycor.Back2Work – at a glance 

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Sales & Marketing Director
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