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Simple, central administration of all your processes from any device and location

Sycor.Rental – Microsoft ERP software for the rental, service, and maintenance of equipment

Sycor.Rental goes beyond standard equipment rental software by offering ERP functionality. All rental processes are fully embedded into Microsoft’s flagship ERP system, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, allowing you to manage your entire rental process chain, plus all other business processes, from one platform. The solution is also optimal for any business utilizing a recurring revenue business model.

Your benefits with Sycor.Rental for
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations:

Manage all processes in one place

There’s no need to go back and forth between multiple systems to manage all your processes. This results in fewer errors and one version of your data to rely on.

Optimize utilization with real-time information

Get a real-time view of the availability and condition of your rental equipment. Optimize the utilization of your fleet, thanks to integrated, real-time analyses from Microsoft.

Ensure consistency between fixed & current assets

Manage your physical equipment and fixed assets in one system. This ensures consistency and allows you to track all costs, revenue, and margins – at the group level or down to a single item.

Make equipment scheduling a breeze

Schedule your rental equipment in real-time with a graphical scheduling board, featuring drag & drop functionality.

Get a clear view of equipment-related costs

Get a real-time view of all your costs associated with equipment maintenance & repairs.

Reduce processing times

With all your processes and data in one system, reduce the time it takes to process quotes, orders, and returns.

Access on-the-go

Gain web-based access to the software anywhere and on any device, and tailor the solution to specific roles.

Network across locations

One system that works across time zones, countries, currencies and languages; providing the right information, wherever you do business.

American Trailer Rental Group manages its business more efficiently with Sycor.Rental

The renter of containers, trailers, and flatbeds consolidated all back office functions on a common platform, gained more visibility, including analytical views and dashboards, and can now manage its business through just one solution, thanks to Sycor.Rental for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. 

Customer testimonials
  • "We implemented the finance, service, and rental processes. In doing so, we were able to go live successfully in nine months, saving us valuable time and resources. Go-Live went smoothly and all departments were operating according to plan in a short period of time."

    Maverik Baumer, IT Director, Premier Truck Rental

  • "So far we have reached all our goals with the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics AX (now Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations) and Sycor.Rental, and we are already looking forward to benefiting from the added functions of the service and maintenance module, as well as scheduling. We improved the quality and efficiency of our processes, and customer satisfaction – while simultaneously reducing costs."

    Murtaza Ahmed Ali, CEO, Allied Rental Modaraba

  • "ATRG has enjoyed working with the Sycor team during our implementation. The professionalism of the Sycor team, their ability to quickly ‘get up to speed on our business’ and overall commitment to our success are exemplary based upon my experience with multiple ERP systems and implementations during my career."

    John Brooks, CEO, The American Trailer Rental Group

  • "Thanks to the high level of scalability and performance offered by the solution, we can also map the continued expansion of our sales network in order to optimize customer support. Sycor.Rental fits our strategy perfectly."

    Jürgen Obiegli, Member of the Executive Board, Doka Group

  • "We are very satisfied with the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics AX (now Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations) and Sycor.Rental. All our processes are in a single system and we can run individual evaluations. What is more, with scalability and multi-language capability, the system is very much ready for the future."

    Markus Kalberer, CEO, Condecta

  • "We were impressed by the powerful rental functions of Sycor.Rental, the trend-setting foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, and Sycor’s implementation expertise."

    Ingo Wurzer, CFO, Alpha Trains

    A closer look at Sycor.Rental

    • Screenshot of graphical scheduling board for rental equipment
      The DispoControl is a graphical scheduling board that allows you to view equipment in a user-defined calendar view. Colors can define order status. Rental begin and end can be modified by drag and drop. Filter to get only the equipment you wish to see. Required maintenance events can also be displayed. The lower screen shows associated operators, drivers or service technicians that are associated with the equipment.
    • Screenshot of software function to make more accurate rental equipment selections
      The OPV search allows less experienced staff to make more accurate equipment selections. Equipment specifications are entered into the system, such as lifting capacity, height, etc. When searching for a type of equipment, such as cranes, the height and weight requirements are entered. The resulting list of equipment are those models that can meet that requirement.
    • Screenshot of transportation management functions of the equipment rental software solution
      Sycor Transportation Management allows you to easily filter your listing of equipment drop-offs and pick-ups. It will help you assign the appropriate truck or trailer needed for the equipment move and determine the drivers that have the skills and qualifications appropriate for the task. It will also create a graphical map showing the best route, based on the roadway overhead clearances and bridge weight limitations for the anticipated load.
    • Screenshot of software function to check rental equipment availability
      With the Availability check, you can see a list of all products included in a sales order. For each of these products, you can see a backlog and how your inventory has changed over time. You also get a graphical view, showing availability for each product on any given day and exactly when changes in your stock occurred.

      Sycor.Rental on AppSource

      Want to take Sycor.Rental for a test drive? Try it out on Microsoft AppSource.

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