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  • Otto Bock Healthcare
    • Upgrade to SAP Web Channel 7.0
    • Complete integration with SAP ERP 4.7
    • Dynamic homepage for more comfort

    Relaunch and Release upgrade

    Sycor has upgraded Otto Bock Healthcare‘s B2B online store environment to SAP Web Channel version 7.0 for ERP. As part of the release upgrade project, Sycor also adjusted the look of the store to match the corporate design of the medical technology company.

    For over ten years, Otto Bock HealthCare has provided online stores for partners and B2B customers. The successful global player in medical technology has always relied on SAP online store solutions and support from Sycor. In 2002, Ottobock was one of the first customers to choose SAP Internet Sales 3.1 for ERP in conjunction with the Internet Pricing Configurator (IPC).

    "Up until last year, our B2B online store was still based on SAP Internet Sales version 4.0. By deciding to upgrade to SAP Web Channel 7.0 for ERP, we were looking to update our technology, which would of course optimize usability for our customers," explains Thomas Grabe, Head of New Media at Ottobock. "At the same time, we wanted to adjust the design of the store to the corporate design of the Ottobock Group." Sycor was in charge of the entire project, from project management and coordination of suppliers to implementation and support after the relaunch.

    Otto Bock implements new B2B online shop

    "We took the existing functions in our online store environment, which were designed with optimum usability in mind, and made them even better by adding the latest web technologies such as Ajax," says Patrick Hey, Head of E-Commerce at Sycor. The existing functions included guest login, credit card payment, a wish list feature, and the ability to integrate external catalogs via an OCI (Open Catalog Interface). A special strength of the online store is a product configuration feature with an integrated pricing component. With the SAP Internet Pricing & Configurator (IPC), products from Ottobock‘s Mobility Solutions business unit, such as manual and power wheelchairs, can be configured and displayed with customer-specific prices (discounts). Customers can then order these customized wheelchairs directly online.

    Customer testimonial
    • "Acceptance among our partners and customers is largely thanks to the ease of use. Sycor did a great job with this project and stood by us as an expert partner through every challenge."

      Thomas Grabe, Head of New Media, Otto Bock Healthcare 

      A special feature is the dynamic start page. "When maintaining catalogs, we can easily define the products we want to display on the start page," says Grabe. By integrating JQuery, Sycor replaced the original catalog navigation with an animated fly-out menu and improved the look and feel of the Internet Pricing configurator. With integrated deep links, customers can now go directly to any product detail page for Prosthetics, Orthotics and Mobility Solutions.

      The B2B online store is fully integrated with the sales solution and linked to SAP ERP 4.7, eliminating redundant data maintenance and providing the sales team and customers with real-time data. "Thanks to the release upgrade, the integration of up-to-date web technologies, and a look that matches our corporate design, we now have a B2B online store that makes Ottobock a quality leader in the area of e-commerce too. The enhanced usability has been a hit with our partners and customers,“ concludes Thomas Grabe, Head of New Media with Ottobock. "Sycor did a great job with this project and stood by us as an expert partner through every challenge.“

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