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Microsoft software asset management

Proper management of your software licenses is necessary to ensure legal compliance, to manage your costs, and to safeguard your existing investments. Software asset management (SAM) can also help you save time, simplify workflows, and strengthen your competitive position.
Microsoft software asset management

Why software asset management (SAM)?

There are many reasons that speak for the implementation of an ongoing software asset management process. As a rule, they are related to legal certainty (compliance), the desire for manageable costs, and safeguarding existing investments. But software asset management can also help you save time, simplify workflows, and strengthen your competitive position.

Your benefits with SAM

Software Asset Management
  • Cost savings with ongoing and professional license management
  • Straightforward and quick overview of your current license portfolio
  • Legal certainty through compliance with legal regulations and the respective manufacturer requirements
  • Time savings thanks to an overview of the software licenses used
  • Ideal planning basis for software updates and procurement
  • Protection against possible legal consequences
Software Asset Management Services

Our services

We help you with the acquisition, deployment, administration, and monitoring of software licenses for your company. We make sure you always have an overview and full control over your license portfolio. As a professional software asset management provider, we protect you against under-licensing and avoid over-licensing. This minimizes costs and ensures that compliance requirements are always controlled and met.

What sets us apart from other service providers

Getting the most out of software asset management for our customers has been a passion of ours for many years. While most service providers focus exclusively on what you have and what you are short of, we ask a third question: What do you actually need? We are familiar with the worries, needs, and requirements of midsize companies. Long-term customer relationships are proof of our competent and honest license consulting. 

Sycor is a SAM specialist

Customer story

Software Asset Management Reference

Microsoft licensing in the rental sector

For legal peace of mind and to ensure the best possible protection for license checks, the event technology company, GAHRENS + BATTERMANN chose to work with Sycor for its SAM compliance 

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