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    New implementation of 
    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

    The production plant in Qingdao completed the implementation of a new ERP system. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 was the system of choice – along with the IT service provider Sycor.

    Waterlogic has been providing solutions for the supply of drinking water in the workplace for more than two decades – ranging from small countertop units to large, high-performance floor units. Waterlogic water dispensers are an alternative to bulk bottled systems. Storing, transporting, and handling packaged water is eliminated. Waterlogic’s latest innovation is the patented UV technology Firewall, that is one of a kind. A special UV unit directly at the point of dispense, removes bacteria immediately before dispensing purified water.

    Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Implementation for Waterlogic

    Wanted: a flexible IT solution

    Waterlogic wanted to support its growth strategy through the deployment of new enterprise software. Requirements for the new IT infrastructure were clearly defined: more automation, fewer processes, and minimization of data from various sources. Working processes needed to be mapped consistently across all business areas, made more efficient, and offer maximum information transparency. A long-term perspective was also crucial: Waterlogic was looking for a flexible, international solution with a high level of investment security.  With the ERP solution from Microsoft, the company has chosen a powerful and scalable ERP system that is also able to cover future expansions of the business orientation.

    Customer testimonial
    • "There were some hurdles to overcome in the course of the project, but Sycor rose to the challenges and ultimately we were able to implement the system successfully."

      Lukas Vildman, Head of IT Europe, Waterlogic

      New benefits through Microsoft Dynamics AX

      A lot of manual work was required since the old system was no longer able to provide all of the required functionality, for example in material requirements planning. Integration between business processes and financial accounting was lacking as well. The number of users who could work with the system simultaneously was limited. Reporting and analysis possibilities were restricted as well. "A wide variety of data was gathered by Microsoft Dynamics AX from various sources, so naturally that meant a lot of work and effort. Now, anyone can simply look at the data in Microsoft Dynamics AX at any time," sums up Falk Starke, Sycor Project Manager. In addition, approval processes can now be represented in Microsoft Dynamics AX online and without significant effort. The BI system from BellaDati has also been implemented, as a third-party system to  provide most of the analysis reports required by the company.

      Major challenges to overcome

      As simple as it sounds, the project involved major challenges. "Waterlogic has more than 10,000 articles and over 1,000 BOMs. These had to be cleaned up for data migration, their format standardized, and they had to be imported into AX. This was a tremendous task for both sides," Starke explains. "There were some hurdles to cross during the project, but Sycor rose to the challenges and ultimately we were able to implement the system successfully," says Lukas Vildman, Head of IT Europe at Waterlogic. "The functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX is convincing and is a good fit for manufacturing, specifically because of a very powerful MRP function. We are extremely satisfied, especially with the approval processes. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, as the data standardization platform for inventory management, we are saving a lot of time and manual work," says Lukas Vildman in conclusion.


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