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    Sycor rolls out Microsoft Dynamics AX for UWT in China 

    UWT, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of level measurement technology, has rolled out the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution to its sales office in China. UWT is benefiting from consistent sales processes, seamless intercompany transactions and simplified accounting.

    “We had planned from the start to roll out Microsoft Dynamics AX to our sales office in Shanghai, as soon as we had completed the implementation of the ERP solution at our main office in Germany and our other locations,” says Jens Fehrenbach, project manager at UWT. In January 2014, UWT had acquired all shares in UWT Int. Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2004. By taking this strategic step, UWT wanted to use the high acceptance of its products in China to better exploit the available market potential and systematically expand its business. “With the rollout of the solution, we wanted to establish a consistent sales process and guarantee seamless support for our intercompany business as well as easy management of our financial accounting,” continues Fehrenbach.

    Microsoft Dynamics AX Rollout in China for UWT

    The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX at the company’s head office in Betzigau in the Allgäu region of southern Germany, which is home to both product development and production, followed the Microsoft Dynamics AX standard closely. “In order to make this possible, we were prepared to match our processes to the best practices in the system. We value this level of flexibility and innovation, not just for our products, but also for our internal processes,” says Fehrenbach. Thanks to this approach, the family company founded in 1977 has developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of measurement technology for the detection and monitoring of levels and limit levels in bulk materials and solids. Today, UWT carries out production in Malta, as well as in Betzigau, and has sales offices in the USA, the UK and in the growth regions of China and India. Exclusive sales partners in more than fifty countries also help the company achieve global market coverage.

    Customer testimonial
    • "With the rollout of the solution, we wanted to establish a consistent sales process and guarantee seamless support for our intercompany business, as well as easy management of our financial accounting."

      Jens Fehrenbach, Project Manager, UWT 

      The framework conditions for rolling out Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 in China were clear and involved securely mapping the legal requirements for Chinese business transactions, while adhering to the standard processes of the ERP solution as closely as possible. “When we looked for a partner, the team from Sycor impressed us with its expertise, both in the solution and in China. Their references showed us that Sycor could do it.” Sycor was put in charge of the required consulting and implementation services as well as training the end users. “We implemented the sales and accounting modules at the sales office and expanded the end-to-end procurement process which was already part of the system for China. This enables intercompany business,” explains Sycor project manager Falk Starke, who is proficient in the Chinese language. “UWT China can easily purchase the goods ordered by its customers from UWT Germany.” The team from Sycor ensured that the Golden Tax and Golden Audit specifications required by tax law were taken into account and also enabled system support for the advance payments which need to be made for purchasing and sales in China. “Due to the UWT's Chinese location in Shanghai, we had to implement additional reports required by the financial authorities. We worked closely with a local tax consultancy,” says Starke. Looking back, he has praise not only for the cooperation within the entire project team, but also notes that UWT flew its Chinese employees to Bavaria for the training sessions and workshops hosted by Sycor: “That’s highly recommendable. This ensured the best possible learning situation and made for a great atmosphere within the group.”

      Uwe Niekrawietz, CEO at UWT, is also satisfied with the results: “We achieved all of our goals for the rollout in China with respect to time and budget. Both the end-to-end procurement system and the intercompany processes are working and our financial data is optimally available. Selecting Sycor as our partner for our Microsoft Dynamics AX rollout in China was the right choice.”


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