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  • Prima Power
    • A solid base for growth objectives
    • Optimal process support for marketing and sales, inventory, purchasing and supplier management, production, and calculation

    Great start with Microsoft Dynamics AX

    With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics AX in China, Prima Power is creating a solid base for its growth objectives. The new ERP system made a good impression with its flexibility and scalability above all. All of Prima Power‘s administrative and operational requirements are completely covered by Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    With the establishment of a new plant in China (Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province), Prima Power, a leading manufacturer of sheet metal working machines and systems, is expanding its business area. With further production plants in Italy, Finland, and the US, the company supplies machines and systems worldwide. The distribution and service network is active in more than 70 countries, through either a direct presence or a network of specialty dealers. In order to provide optimal support for the business processes, Prima Power wanted to set up a future-proof ERP system right when the plant was established. Microsoft Dynamics AX was chosen as the new ERP base platform.

    Sycor implements Microsoft Dynamics AX for Prima Power

    Scalable solution, secure partner

    Prima Power chose Microsoft Dynamics AX for several reasons. First of all, the solution supports quick and easy order entry. Furthermore, a high degree of coverage of important industry‐specific functions such as production, quality management, distribution, and reporting is ensured. Another argument for using Microsoft Dynamics AX was the high level of transparency and flexibility of the system: the system is easy to adapt and extend. Future modifications of the operating processes, for example due to statutory requirements or changing market requirements, can be incorporated straightforwardly. The implementation contract went to the IT service provider Sycor, with its own branch in Shanghai.

    “We selected Sycor as a project partner because it was able to demonstrate the desired professional expertise and corresponding references,” says Mr. Claudio Baggiani, General Manager at Prima Power Suzhou. However, specialist knowledge was not the only deciding factor for Prima Power‘s decision. “Right from the start, Sycor gave us the feeling that they understood us and the company,” remarks Baggiani further. The implementation project managed by Sycor was carried out successfully in time and within budget. Coordination occurred quickly through a branch directly on site.

    Customer testimonial
    • "We selected Sycor as a project partner because they were able to demonstrate the desired professional expertise and corresponding references. Right from the start, Sycor gave us the feeling that they understood us and the company."

      Claudio Baggiani, General Manager,  Prima Power Suzhou

      Integrated coverage of all corporate processes

      The task of the new system was clear: optimal process support for the areas of marketing and sales, inventory, purchasing and supplier management, production, and calculation. Furthermore, the financing area had to comply with the local legally required reports and vouchers. As part of the project, Sycor provided a team consisting of a project manager, a logistics consultant, a production consultant, a financial consultant, and several technical developers. “The challenge of this project was that we had to implement the system without a template. One plant in Europe already uses Microsoft Dynamics AX, but with a different production model and a different version of AX. Therefore, we couldn‘t use the template of its ERP system,” says Philip Zhang, General Manager of Sycor China, describing the initial situation. The master data and parts lists come from two plants in Europe, but from two different systems, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0, and in different file formats (CSV and TXT). Furthermore, production at Prima Power is characterized by a complex parts list structure and long product lifecycle. Each order contains about 500 to 800 item lines with a barcode so the entire production process can be traced optimally. Besides the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution, Sycor also handles the hosting of the ERP servers and takes care of the daily operation of the servers.

      Next steps

      “At the moment no external systems are connected to Microsoft Dynamics AX yet, but we are planning the integration of an automated storage system,” explains Baggiani. After the system went live, Prima Power extended the system to also cover the requirements of the Beijing economic zone and expanded it with the area of spare parts management. “The next step will be to implement the Service module and Project Management and Accounting module of Dynamics AX at Prima Power,” says Philip Zhang.


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