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    • Standardization of processes
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    • Construction of templates for implementation in Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia
    • Use of a modern ERP system
    • Securing of IT investment

    A fresh coat of paint for DAW's ERP system 

    DAW, Europe‘s leading provider of coating systems, has introduced the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 at its businesses in China. The project will serve as a pilot for the implementation of Dynamics AX 2012 at DAW‘s locations throughout Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia.

    “We were using Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 at all our locations and national subsidiaries east of Berlin prior to the start of the project. That solution reached the end of its life cycle and support for it expired,” says Martin Haury, head of IT at DAW SE, recalling the project‘s beginnings. “Because a local stand-alone ERP solution from Kingdee was still being used in China, we turned the replacement of that solution and the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 into a pilot project for Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia.” DAW, which is represented in over 40 countries and is broadly positioned with 29 production sites, chose Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 primarily for its international applicability and multi-currency capabilities, along with its impressive intercompany functions. 

    Dynamics AX implementation in China

    On this basis, the ERP solution offers the ideal conditions for profiting from an across-the-board implementation of harmonized corporate management processes. Today, the DAW Group develops, produces and markets innovative coating systems with over 5,600 employees and a generated revenue of 1.3 billion euros in 2012. Now in its fifth generation, the independent family company has developed continually since 1895 to become Europe‘s third largest producer of construction paints and has been the market leader in Germany, Austria and Turkey for several decades. Numerous brands which are familiar well beyond the German market, such as Alpina and Caparol, are included under the Group‘s umbrella.

    DAW contracted Microsoft Partner and full-range IT service provider Sycor, with the project management, essential consulting services and implementation of the solution. “We chose Sycor as our service provider for the pilot project for a number of reasons. We were impressed by Sycor‘s comprehensive services and competencies in the Microsoft Dynamics AX area, their experience with developing global templates and rolling them out worldwide, and by their project experience in China,” says Haury, DAW‘s Head of IT. Sycor‘s experience with connecting Microsoft Dynamics AX and SAP was also a factor. “Because west of Berlin, we use SAP.”

    Customer Testimonial
    • "Sycor and our internal project team delivered great work. The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX in China worked well and can be used as the optimal starting point for the other roll-outs, as anticipated. Sycor has also helped us establish valuable contacts with network carriers.”"

      Martin Haury, Head of IT, DAW

      Jiří Miškei, project manager at DAW China, describes the project‘s challenges: “We have a number of legally independent companies in China. Inventories of various sizes also make it necessary to have a flexible system configuration. On top of that, we wanted to tie in a new production facility.” Falk Starke, Sycor‘s Chinese-speaking project manager, explains the chosen approach: “We carried out the implementation step-by-step to make sure it went as smoothly as possible. We started with the finance division. Mapping the tax requirements involved in the intercompany business of the independent companies was especially demanding. After that came sales and procurement. Warehousing and production are planned for follow-up.” This flexible approach made it possible to replace the existing Kingdee ERP solution and implement Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with as little friction as possible. Martin Haury, Head of IT at DAW, is pleased with the results. “Sycor delivered great work together with our internal project team. The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX in China worked well and can be used as the optimal starting point for the other roll-outs, as anticipated. Sycor has also helped us establish valuable contacts with network carriers.” In addition to the system implementations planned for other countries in Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia, the establishment of a globally uniform process for master data management is also being planned.

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