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    • In-house time and cost savings
    • Employees can now focus on core tasks
    • Quick access to billing data in the SAP system
    • Access to expert know-how via service hotline

    Support services and electronic billing for cellular and landline accounts

    At KWS Services Deutschland GmbH, life is easier for the company‘s Purchasing and Financial Accounting Departments now that Sycor is handling support services and electronic billing for its cell phone and landline accounts.

    "Before we outsourced billing to Sycor, we had to create invoices for cell phone and landline accounts manually and post them in the SAP system. This was very time-consuming and cost us two to three days every month,“ says Sigrun Baye from the Purchasing Department at KWS Services Deutschland GmbH.

    Guter Anschluss bei KWS

    Sycor is now handling billing of telecommunications costs for the company using an electronic billing system. Invoice formats are now standardized and all incoming invoices from various telecommunications service providers for landlines and cell phones have been consolidated. „We provide the billing data in accordance with KWS‘ needs via an interface in the SAP system,“ explains Jennifer Hey, Team Leader at  Business Service/ Sycor Service Desk at SYCOR GmbH. In this way, the specialists at Sycor free up resources in the company‘s Financial Accounting Department.

    Customer testimonial
    • "Outsourcing support and electronic billing for the cellular and landline services has paid off for us. By reducing internal time requirements, our employees are once again able to focus on their core tasks and the billing data are quickly available in the SAP system."

      Marcel Valjeur, Purchasing Manager, KWS Services Deutschland GmbH

      Purchasing at KWS Services Deutschland GmbH also has a lighter workload now. Sycor is not only handling electronic billing, but also providing support services for cell phone and landline users. Jennifer Hey describes Sycor‘s job: „We provide comprehensive consulting and support services for KWS employees for all matters relating to landlines and cell phones. To facilitate this we set up a service hotline they can call on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.“ Sycor employees at the hotline not only answer questions about telephones currently in use, they are also in charge of procuring new devices and contracts.

      "Outsourcing support and electronic billing services for our cell phone and land line accounts really paid off for us. By reducing our in-house time expenditures, our employees can now focus on their core tasks again, and billing data is right at our fingertips in the SAP system,“ says Marcel Valjeur, Purchasing Manager from KWS Services Deutschland GmbH. "What‘s more, our employees now have a competent support team to contact for all their telephony needs.“

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