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Location-independent learning and teaching thanks to digitisation

Location-independent learning and teaching thanks to digitisation

June 3, 2020

Digitalised seminars should continue to be an important part of the educational offer at the Studieninstitut Westfalen-Lippe after Corona

Digitisation - This much discussed topic does not stop at the education sector. Especially against the background of the corona pandemic with all its restrictions, digital education formats are gaining momentum: Colleges, universities, academies and further education institutes must now reach their students online so that they can teach them regardless of their location. At the Studieninstitut Westfalen-Lippe, Sycor recently gave a presentation on how the institute's digital seminar formats can be further refined.

Corona presents educational institutions with major challenges

In our networked world, it is actually not difficult to consume information, research and network with other people regardless of location. Nevertheless, educational institutions such as universities, academies and further education institutes in particular are faced with the challenge of providing students with high-quality educational opportunities despite the ban on contact and social distancing. Some organisations, such as the Studieninstitut Westfalen-Lippe, a special-purpose association of municipal employees with locations in Münster and Bielefeld, have been teaching via web session since the outbreak of Corona. Supplementary documents are available online to course and seminar participants in this context. Other universities and institutes, on the other hand, have not yet found a consistent solution for the period during the Corona crisis, so that in individual faculties or even in the entire organisation there is still a disturbing radio silence between lecturers and students.

New seminar formats guarantee access to education in times of Corona

The Studieninstitut Westfalen-Lippe has been able to adjust quickly to the current, still unfamiliar situation. In the area of further education, the first digital seminars were quickly held via web session. For some time now, the organisation has had a corresponding LMS (Learning Management System) as a central learning platform for the organisation of studies and the distribution of content, also in order to provide its students with regular learning material. Now, further technologies are being evaluated and concepts for digital seminar formats are being developed in the training division in order to further optimise the digital offer. The plan to make existing seminar formats accessible online as well has been in place long before Corona. Even before the crisis, digitisation efforts were actively promoted by the department management and employees in order to keep up with the times.

Digital educational components promote flexibility for lecturers and participants

Digitalised seminars have the advantage for both lecturers and seminar participants at the Studieninstitut Westfalen-Lippe that many of the existing events can also be organised remotely and thus independent of location. Thanks to the Internet, even students from remote areas can take part in many of the events offered without any problems. People with limited ability to travel, for example due to illness or disability, but also people interested in seminars with closely timed daily routines, such as single fathers and mothers, can attend a large part of their seminars online and exchange ideas with other participants and their lecturers. In order to continue to ensure a personal atmosphere between all participants, a blended learning strategy is currently being discussed that combines classroom sessions with online offerings.


Online seminars: More than frontal teaching in front of the screen

Sitting in front of the screen for hours and understanding complex topics - after a few hours, the learner's ability to concentrate often diminishes. For this reason, the further education division of the Studieninstitut Westfalen-Lippe is evaluating a number of possibilities to make seminars as attractive and versatile online as its on-site offerings. For this purpose, Sycor has brought along a digital toolbox with instruments that can be used to increase interactivity during the seminar. Supplementary learning units to the seminar are also easier with appropriate tools and group work can be enriched online with various technologies.

Many of these digital tools are now being used to develop exceptional and creative training formats that facilitate online learning and provide greater flexibility for all participants. The motivation at the Institute is great to proactively shape the digital future and to draw added value from the possibilities that new technologies open up for us. Some innovative ideas were already developed at the Studieninstitut during the lecture. Now it is important to combine these and other possibilities in a concept that lecturers and staff can access at any time as a source of inspiration.

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