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Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite
Make proactive business decisions  

Bundled data analysis for substantiated decisions

With the fully managed Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite for big data and expanded business intelligence analyses, your data are processed for easy comprehension – establishing a basis for fast, substantiated decisions. Microsoft Cortana Intelligence puts you ahead of the competition by analyzing past events for future projections. With Cortana you transform data into high-quality visualizations you can organize, release, and distribute.

Always stay two steps ahead

The suite combines various Microsoft technologies that were already available to predict trends and developments, such as Power BI, Machine Learning, and HD Insight. Tools for the analysis of texts, images, and complex data are also part of the suite. You do not need a dedicated server to use Cortana Intelligence. However, the administration of data stored both locally and in the cloud is possible, as well as its inclusion in the analyses. Your analysis infrastructure with Cortana Intelligence grows along with your business – and your data are stored securely and in compliance with legal requirements.

Sycor services for Cortana Intelligence

As a Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Partner, we support you with consulting and requirements qualification for the Cortana Intelligence Suite – in the fields of information management, machine learning, and analytics. Our services include business process consulting and the development of customer-specific models for Cortana Machine Learning (forecasts and recommendations). Consulting and the conceptual design of Cortana Stream Intelligence reports (near-real-time) for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, event services, and sensor data are also part of our service portfolio.

Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite

Learn more about Cortana Intelligence and how it can get your business ahead. Benefit from informative analyses and the latest in machine learning, and use all of this profitably for your business processes.

Overview of your advantages:

  • Precise forecasts with the latest in machine learning
  • Proactive warnings and recommendations for steps to be taken
  • Automated decision-making for complex problems
  • Powerful machine learning and progressive, IoT-based analyses
  • Security for your customer data on a proven and secure cloud platform
  • Data scalability to meet growing business needs
  • Integration of data stored locally and in the cloud

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