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Up and cross-selling with artificial intelligence

Campaign management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 

Sycor.IntelliCamp simplifies campaign management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The artificial intelligence that forms the solution's basis analyzes all customer and product data, and individually assigns customers and prospects to products. The algorithm calculates the probability that a customer or prospect will be interested in a certain product or service.With the insights gained using Sycor.IntelliCamp, marketing can prepare even more targeted campaigns and sales can plan its customer visits more effectively. After all, quality is greater than quantity.

Sycor.IntelliCamp overview of benefits

Time savings

The Sycor.IntelliCamp algorithm delivers analyses in seconds that would take data analysts much longer to prepare.


Sycor.IntelliCamp boosts the effectiveness of marketing and sales activities.

Up and cross-selling

Sycor.IntelliCamp calculates the top articles in a campaign for every customer.

Route planning

Sycor.IntelliCamp helps sales employees prepare their customer visits easily and effectively.

New sales channels

The results delivered by Sycor.IntelliCamp can speed up entry into new sales regions.

Seamless integration

Sycor.IntelliCamp is fully integrated with Microsoft PowerBI and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Variable operating models

Sycor.IntelliCamp is available as a local on-premise solution or in the cloud.

Artificial intelligence in practice: How Sycor.IntelliCamp works

Within seconds, the Sycor.IntelliCamp algorithm calculates the probability that a customer or prospect will be interested in a certain product. Sales can focus on the most relevant customers and prospects as a result, and effectively adapt its selection.

Sycor.IntelliCamp in detail

  • Campaign management image: The new campaign management workspace in D365. It provides an overview and also serves as the entry point for Sycor.IntelliCamp.
  • Article selection image: Articles for a campaign can be selected using an external system, manually in Excel for example, or as shown here with newly created functionality.
  • New campaign creation image: Creating a new campaign for selected articles with Sycor.IntelliCamp. A campaign tailored to customers and prospects is quickly created with this input and another click.
  • Map image: A PowerBI report provides information about the campaigns that have been prepared, responsibilities of sales employees, customer geo-information, and articles to be promoted to certain customers, among other things.
  • Graphics image: Another PowerBI report provides sales with insights into the algorithm's mode of operation and the analysis results. Which customer profile matches what articles? What customer parameters are relevant? 

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