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Take the use of your digital sales presentations to new heights

Optimize the delivery of your sales presentations with Sycor.eFolder

Sycor.eFolder takes the use of your digital sales presentations to new heights. It provides your sales representatives with central, offline access to the latest marketing materials. Launch presentations directly from Microsoft CRM. Thanks to full integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, you always see automatically which presentations you have already shown to your CRM contacts. Documenting how your product presentation was received by your customers is a snap with the handy feedback function. What's more, the display duration is automatically recorded for each slide of your sales presentation, providing important information to your marketing team for continuous optimization of the presentations.

Overview of all benefits and functions

Central access

Simplify the administration of your current marketing documentation with central delivery directly in Dynamics 365 through Sycor.eFolder.

Offline use

Present your portfolio anytime and anywhere. Sycor.eFolder is based on Resco Mobile Sales, which means it can be used offline and on all platforms without any problems.


Smartphone, tablet, or notebook; Windows, Android, or iOS: Sycor.eFolder is available on a variety of devices and operating systems. 

CRM integration

All actions you start in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement are automatically assigned to your CRM contacts. 

Recording feedback 

Record customer feedback for individual core statements of your presentation by using interactive content (such as surveys) and capturing the results.

Analysis options

Information such as the display duration of individual slides and customer feedback let you draw conclusions about what content is relevant for your customers and which slides should be optimized. 

Improve your Sales and Marketing

You want to optimize the delivery of your sales presentation and continuously improve them? In this video we show you how to raise your sales presentations to a new level.

Intuitive and user-friendly – take a look at Sycor.eFolder

  • Uebersichtliche Auswertungen: Das Dashboard von Sycor.eFolder liefert Ihrem Vertriebsinnendienst und Marketing wertvolle Daten.
    1/4: Clear analyses: The Sycor.eFolder dashboard provides valuable data for your Customer Service and Marketing departments.
  • Benutzerfreundliche Uebersicht: An einer zentralen Stelle finden Ihre Mitarbeiter alle vorhandenen Präsentationen.
    2/4: User-friendly overview: Your employees find all existing presentations in one central location.
  • Automatische Datenerfassung: Die Anzeigedauer einzelner Praesentationsfolien und weitere Daten werden automatisch dem jeweiligen CRM-Kontakt zugeordnet.
    3/4: Automatic data capture: The display duration of individual presentation slides and additional data are automatically assigned to the respective CRM contact.
  • Einfacher Upload: Stellen Sie Ihrem Vertriebsteam die aktuellsten Marketingunterlagen zentral zur Verfuegung.
    4/4: Easy upload: Centrally provide the latest marketing documentation to your sales team.

    Tech insights on the Sycor.eFolder solution

    Are you interested in the technical details behind the Sycor.eFolder solution?
    Read the blog article by Dr. Torsten Harden! 

    The Senior Solution Architect describes very clearly on which data model the solution is based, which presentation format is required and much more. 

    Perfect Match: Sycor.eFolder
    and Sycor.LifeSciences

    Sycor.eFolder is an ideal sales support tool for sales representatives in the pharmaceuticals sector. The innovative solution is particularly well suited to meet the special requirements of the life sciences industry, and is a perfect complement to Sycor.LifeSciences – the pharmaceuticals CRM solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.

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