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With passion in retail we design the winners of tomorrow 

Those who love retail work with passion to find the best solutions for the customer. At Sycor we do nothing else to make you the winner of tomorrow. Our industry know-how in combination with the latest Microsoft technologies enables us to optimize along the entire value chain and design the best solution for you. Make your business more efficient and effective. Enjoy a new dimension of transparency that enables you to make better decisions and act faster. 

Easier decision-making and holistic design with Retail@Sycor

We enable holistic and customer-oriented solutions for all omni-channel processes and put your customers at the center of attention! With efficiency and effectiveness, we work together with you to achieve the successful project goal - with the proven, agile implementation method (AIM). With technical and methodical know-how in implementation and the latest retail technology from the Mircrosoft innovation forge, we turn theory into lived practice for you. Inspired by the approach of frictionless commerce, aspects of SoLoMo, social commerce, mobile shopping, BYOD. Microsoft Dynamics leaves nothing to be desired along the supply chain or customer journey and offers an integrated solution platform for your omnichannel business. You receive all processes in one integrated solution for smooth operations - up-to-date and future-proof with Microsoft.

Customer feedback
  • "The Sycor employees built a suitable Microsoft Dynamics solution that is working very well for us. They stayed fully on time and on budget. Operation continued smoothly after going live, just the way we wanted it."

    Tino Gormanns, CEO, C.B. König Feuerschutz GmbH

    Why Sycor?  What you can expect from

    At Sycor, we - that stands for a team with concentrated industry know-how in the retail sector. We know the trends and processes in retail as well as the technology behind them. We support top companies worldwide in wholesale, retail and mail order and know the challenges of your industry. To give you the decisive competitive edge, we use innovative technologies and develop individual solutions that are optimally tailored to your challenges. We can advise you across systems, as we have many years of experience in the areas of SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. We are passionate about what we do, because: SYCOR loves Retail. For this reason, we define our service offering for your entire value chain along a recurring retail cycle so that you become and remain tomorrow's winner.

    1. Identify – Empower your Big Data

    Benefit from a well thought-out data warehouse architecture. From Data Analytics to Advanced Analytics to AI, everything is based on clean data management. Without this basic requirement, complexity arises where transparency and clarity should offer you potential for optimization. 

    Greater intelligence

    Holistic and customer-oriented solutions for all Omni-Channel processes. We put your customers at the center!

    Microsoft Technology

    Get in-depth data analysis in real-time – Microsoft technology combines ERP and CRM in one tool.

    Greater Power

    Customer data, Social Media trends, economic information, weather data: We help you to optimally evaluate large amounts of data.

    2. Plan – Advanced Business Planning based on your Data

    Based on evaluated data, planning in retail becomes Retail Intelligence. Away from discount battles on the one hand and lost sales opportunities on the other. Make easier business decisions through PredictiveDemandPlanning with rolling planning and Forecasting.

    Best Practices

    Best Practices for Predictive Planning: The right goods at the right time at the right place in the right quantity.

    Planning  4.0

    Agile data architecture with a "single point of truth" for easy and precise planning and control.


    Alignment of planning with success factors: customers, brands, speed, location, scalability.

    3. Build– Microsoft Plattform 

    Profit from a proven and future-proof technology platform from the innovation forge of Microsoft.

    Agile Project Methodology

    Delivers fast results in the implementation on the way to the project goal with the proven and agile implementation method (AIM).

    Microsoft Full Stack

    Everything from one source from ERP to CRM and PowerApps, up to teams, Outlook and Excel.

    Smart Technology

    100% cloud and immediately ready to go with the preconfigured ERP system based on device-independent HTML5.

    4. Sell – Personalized Customer Acquisition 

    Whether online or offline, more and more customers are asking for a"Smart Store." We enable your customers personalized product range offers. 


    Personalized product range through our AI-supported article and customer campaigns (Sycor.IntelliCamp).

    Shopping experience 4.0

    Smooth shopping experience for your customers – With Microsoft technology any time, any where & any device.

    Data driven Retail

    AI implementation made easy: Increase your margins and profits with configuration-proven Quick-Win-solutions.

    5. Care – 24/7 Omni-Channel Services

    We support you with our support services – 24/7 if you wish – so that we can master today's challenges together and seize tomorrow's opportunities in time.

    24/7/365 Global Support

    One contact person for all questions at any time.

    Microsoft One Version

    With Microsoft One Version you automatically stay up-to-date with the latest technology and full functionality. 

    Omni-Channel-Service Monitoring

    Benefit from proven process models and use our proven Omni-Channel Service Monitoring as part of our proactive support.

    Our services for your business

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