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Data governance & security – legally compliant protection and administration of large data volumes 

Since your company's data are invaluable, they deserve the best possible protection against loss or theft. You also need to ensure compliance with legal requirements, such as data protection regulations, and to limit data access to authorized persons only. Purposeful data management is therefore indispensable. The larger the data volumes, the greater the challenges in regards to planning, control, and delivery of the data.

The best solution is just good enough

Whether systems are operated at the customer's site, in our data centers through outsourcing, or in the public cloud, we find the best solution for you: We ensure the secure storage, use, and availability of your company's data with our data storage concepts, data privacy, and disaster recovery. With professional information protection solutions, we also enable you to systematically manage access to company data.

Always significant

We ensure the secure exchange of information, also beyond local company boundaries, and protect your non-public data against unauthorized access using the latest encryption technologies. We assist you with appropriate reporting for maximum transparency and to ensure you meet your compliance requirements.

Data governance & security – legally compliant protection and administration of large data volumes.

Secure and efficient

With the right strategy for your company, you obtain a tailor-made solution that improves your data security, boosts your efficiency, helps you act faster, provides you with an exact overview, and lowers costs in the long term.

Why Sycor?

With Sycor, you have a partner with many years of governance & security experience: From recording the requirements, to implementing the solutions, to operating them. 

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