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Reporting & Business Analytics

Addressing important business questions using Reporting and Business Analytics

Although most companies have a lot of valuable data, very few make full use of it. Such data is frequently stored in separate data silos, and therefore difficult to analyze and integrate. It is important to note that can use your data to optimize your processes, to improve products and services, or even as a basis for your future business model.

The future is driven by data! So create company-wide data transparency and transform your data assets into controlling-relevant information with our tailored business intelligence and analytics solutions.

Needs-Based Solutions for Business Analysis

Especially in today’s turbulent times, you should be able to generate information quickly to keep track of your business and get to the bottom of new developments. Without a reliable data basis and efficient tools for analysis, control can only be achieved by flying by the seat of your pants. It should not be forgotten that data-based knowledge is one of the most important drivers of digital transformation.

We not only extract valuable information from your data, but also support you in selecting, building and operating your Business Intelligence solution. You can also take advantage of smart components, such as artificial intelligence or machine learning. Our BI experts will assist you in identifying optimization potential in your operational processes, and provide you with the right tools necessary to arrive at a data-driven business model.

Bessere Entscheidungsqualität durch Advanced Analytics.

Advanced Analytics for More Intelligent Insights

Machine-learning algorithms allow for a wide range of factors to be included in your analyses, thus enabling you to support your decision-making throughout the process. For example, artificial intelligence can be used to determine customer preferences online promptly during the purchasing process, to create more precise sales forecasts, or to back up planning figures with external data. But Advanced Analytics also offers a multitude of potential options in other areas.

Our consultants will help you uncover hidden potential in your company, identify opportunities for artificial intelligence, and implement a customized solution. Once the project has been successfully completed, we will be happy to assist you with maintenance and expansion.

The Right Reporting Solution to Achieve Success

When it comes to making quick and goal-oriented decisions, every company should have a precise understanding of its financial figures. However, reports may often contain errors or be delayed due to data inconsistencies and insufficient data or extensive effort in manual data preparation.

You can use Business Intelligence to optimize your controlling processes. Dashboards with daily updated figures and management reports can be made available with just a few clicks, while consistent data management [LINK TO DATA MGNT] increases the quality of your analyses. It does not matter for which of your departments you would like to implement an optimized reporting system and in which industry your company is active. For our customers, we develop needs-based, individual solutions according to the “best of breed” approach based on proven reporting tools from leading software vendors.

Advanced Analytics and BI Consulting

Whether smart sentiment analyses in marketing, control dashboards in sales, production controlling with an intelligent early warning system or predictive sales forecasting – our consultants support you in all matters of analytics and reporting with and without AI components. We would be happy to demonstrate your options in the areas of artificial intelligence and analytics and to work with you to flesh out your own ideas for an advanced analytics solution.


The highly dynamic and complex licensing models of many providers appear confusing to you? You have lost the overview of your current licensing status? Allow us to help you! Our license management experts are available to answer all relevant questions related to this topic.   

Infrastructure and Support

Infrastructures often emerge from pilot projects in different departments, and generic growth also results in system diversity. In order to be able to build a consistent overall architecture as part of your digital transformation, you need an overview of system landscapes and their functionalities. Sycor supports you in aligning and expanding your system landscape, and helps you reduce redundancies and harmonize your licenses. Once your project has been successfully completed, we will be happy to assist you with the operation of your solution.


Your independence from consultants and software vendors is important to us. For this reason, we offer you training and coaching to prepare business users and IT ideally for the operation of your new solution. We also provide on-the-job training during the project so that you can keep track of all your reporting and analyses right from the start.

Data Becomes Information

We develop tailored Business Intelligence for your individual purposes. Our consultants will first have to get to know your company and your processes better in order to find the ideal solution for you that best meets all your requirements. We would be happy to arrange an initial expert meeting to discuss your BI options.

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