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Integrated Planning at the Push of a Button

Corporate planning is one of the most important management principles in many companies and serves as a compass for management to master future challenges. For many companies, planning is an important, if turbulent, period in the schedules of controlling and specialist departments. With our individually tailored solutions for operational, integrated and forward-looking planning, we help our clients coordinate, implement and monitor the planning process.

Future Insights Thanks to Predictive Planning

How wonderful would it be if you could gaze into a crystal ball to forecast raw material prices or sales fluctuations? Although we at Sycor are not (yet) clairvoyant, our planning solution enables you to make more precise assumptions about the probability of occurrence of risks and fluctuations in the market and thus to plan more accurately going forward.

For our Planning 4.0 we feed algorithms with internal and external information that can influence changes in the market. The underlying mathematical model identifies recurring patterns and incorporates them into the forecast.

Complete Integration of Planning

Using our solutions for integrated planning, you can display all your planning segments in a closed system. Since integration is automated, the probability of errors due to manual aggregation is reduced significantly. Your workflow can be mapped seamlessly in the integrated planning environment so that you always have an overview of the status of your planning phase.

Among other things, the solution maps the income statement, balance sheet and liquidity planning, and can optionally be transferred directly to your consolidated financial statement via an interface. This saves time in the planning process, which you can use for scenario analysis.

Operational Planning

Effective operational segment planning is key to the decision-making process of the specialist departments and a fundamental component for the implementation of your integrated planning. We will support you in optimizing your planning processes with customer-oriented planning solutions for all departments. 

Operational planning with all segment planning happens on a standardized interface, which then automatically consolidates all planned figures. A workflow with a notification system informs and reminds your employees of deadlines within the planning process in order to ensure smooth operations. Finally, the historicized planning data of past years is used to optimize planning accuracy. 

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