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Data Platform & Data Platform Management

Data Management Solutions

Extracting valuable information from data – having the right data-management foundation for your company is important for this project. We design a central database for you to ensure consistent data management, model individual interfaces with your upstream systems, and optimize your data quality. In doing so, we provide you with the data platform that best suits you and your business objectives, independent of the provider.

Our Know-How for Your Business

Data integration, data governance, data quality management – our data management experts develop customized solutions for you using proven vendor software according to the “best of breed” principle. We focus on your requirements – would you like to implement your production controlling in real-time, or develop valuable data products based on Big Data? Our consultants will assist you in implementing a flexible and scalable data platform for your business.

Intelligente Prozesse dank Data Integration

Single Point of Truth

Your business requirements are an important starting point for designing and building your “single point of truth”. We help you establish functional requirements and, based on these, design and implement the core of your data platform that is appropriate for you.

Data Integration & Preparation

We accompany and support you through the process of professional and technical data integration. Not only do we offer you professional and technical support in identifying requirements, but we also implement tailor-made solutions to suit your data management strategy. We are also happy to assist you in expanding your data platform to include further source systems.

Data Quality Management 

Ensuring high data quality is still one of the central challenges for many companies. Including aspects such as data governance and industry-specific compliance requirements, we help you create a database as a reliable single point of truth for reporting, analysis and planning functions.

Data Streaming und Big Data 

With real-time data as well as Big Data you can increase your productivity and efficiency, as well as develop innovative solutions for the market. We will work with you to develop an individual solution for streaming data and Big Data as well as roadmaps that will help you get started step by step. In addition, we will assist you in the implementation and expansion of your real-time strategy.

Services and Solutions

Intelligente Prozesse dank Data Integration


As a consultant independent of providers, we design tailor-made, customer-specific solutions for you. When it comes to data quality management, data platform and data integration, our experts will assist you in the design, operation and optimization of your solution. Workshops for identifying status and target requirements serve as the basis for initial architectural proposals and as a guideline for your project.


The highly dynamic and seemingly complex licensing models of many providers appear confusing to you? You have lost the overview of your current licensing status? Allow us to help you! Our license management experts are available to answer all relevant questions related to this topic.


Our consultants will be happy to support you in executing your BI and data-management plans. Benefit from our experience with agile project management methods, and actively participate in the development process. This way you will see the first signs of success in no time at all.

Infrastructure and Support

Cloud, hybrid or on-premise – are you still keeping up? Our experienced solution architects do! We will be happy to assist you in the operation and expansion of your solution after your data platform project has been completed successfully. Naturally based on individual service level agreements (SLAs) tailored to you. Thanks to fast, flexible support and workarounds, we can optimize your solution continuously and over the long term. 

Project Management

We have developed an agile project approach to achieve optimal results. In other words, even after the initial design phase, it is possible to adapt certain parts of the system if additional requirements arise regarding your solution. Through project sprints, we guarantee important quick wins shortly after the start of the project, for example, by incorporating an individually customized reporting solution in the front end.


Your independence from software vendors and consultants is important to us. To ensure that IT and business users can confidently operate and expand your solution, we offer training so that you can acquire and develop important administrative skills sets in your company. We also offer specific on-the-job training during the implementation of the solution. As a result, your employees become experts in data models, data governance or report design, and thus an essential part of the flawless operation of the solution.


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