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SAM projects
We successfully implement your software asset management project

Software asset management projects

A SAM project serves to take an inventory of the licenses in your company on the one hand and, on the other hand, to substantiate this inventory with the verifiable SAM optimization model. The latter ensures that there are processes in IT that correspond to the software asset management concept and guarantee a form of quality assurance. What's more, the reports contain valuable information to help you with the future alignment of your IT infrastructure and its services.

Our services

Our experienced SAM experts are by your side throughout your SAM project, from the initial workshop to the final meeting. In categorizing the SAM optimization potential, our specialists identify valuable opportunities and provide you with recommendations for future licensing. The costs of a SAM project are usually amortized within one year. Often this already happens by the end of the project, when the established licensing needs can be covered at optimized cost by comparing the available licensing models and through optional contract negotiations.

SAM project process

Kick-off workshop

Defining the objectives for the SAM project, establishing the content and scope.


Current usage data such as installed software, purchased licenses and existing licensing agreements and certificates are collected and analyzed. The current licensing situation and procurement methods can be clarified on this basis.

Process optimization

Based on the data analysis, the license allocations are optimized and additional licenses are purchased as needed. As a result of the project, SAM processes are defined to document procurement and delivery methods among other things.

Final workshop & SAM certificate

The SAM project is concluded with documented proof of compliance with licensing terms and conditions, and a representation of the possibilities for optimization. In the course of a Microsoft SAM project, it is possible to have the project certified. The Microsoft SAM certificate confirms proper licensing for the company and is valid for one year from the date of issue.

Rent a license – optimum Microsoft licensing in the rental sector

For peace of mind from a legal perspective and to ensure the best possible protection for license checks, the event technology company GAHRENS + BATTERMANN GmbH decided to initiate a SAM compliance project. Sycor IQ Solutions took over the project and identified new licensing options.

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