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SAM quick check
We offer fast and purposeful assistance with all software asset management matters

SAM quick check

Within the scope of our quick check offering, you can book one of our software asset management consultants based on current requirements or events in order to focus on developing a solution for this one issue with you. For example when a Microsoft license review has been announced.

Examples include:

  • You have received a letter from a software provider asking for a description of your current software installations and existing licenses, with a corresponding deadline ("Deployment Summary" or "License Review").
  • You are not certain whether your retail partner is able to provide you with competent and legitimate support in this situation.
  • You do not have the required time or resources to determine the information that is requested.
  • You are uncertain and are looking for an expert to explain your legal position in detail, interpret your data and assist you in communicating with the manufacturer.
  • You are planning an infrastructure project or the integration of cloud services, and have to evaluate what licensing partner is required or whether the existing licenses are adequate.
  • You are transferring management of IT to a successor or taking it over.

At the end of a quick check, you are able to tackle required measures purposefully or you can rest assured that you are already covered in terms of licensing.

Our references

Rent a license – optimum Microsoft licensing in the rental sector

For peace of mind from a legal perspective and to ensure the best possible protection for license checks, the event technology company GAHRENS + BATTERMANN GmbH decided to initiate a SAM compliance project. Sycor IQ Solutions took over the project and identified new licensing options.

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