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SAP rollout to China

Whether your company headquarters adhere to the requirements of the HGB (German Commercial Code), IAS, or IFRS, the Chinese GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) apply in China. We know how to converge the two systems. Our Chinese employees pilot you through your first steps in the Chinese business world and show the local employees the system in their national language.

Rollout to China: Overview of our services

SAP rollout to China

We supply the appropriate financial reports and operational forms for GAAP. Furthermore, we offer a complete solution for the "Golden Audit" as well as one for meeting the requirements of the "Golden Tax". We facilitate customs clearing for China through the SAP system. Our staff in China can provide a Chinese translation of the operational system and ensure professional SAP training by native speakers.

Next to our IT know-how, our experience in dealing with Asian business partners and their mentality, traditions, and culture is an established element of our consulting expertise. Even before you take the step to China, we can advise you in reaching strategic decisions. Once you are on site, our solutions grow along with your requirements.

Our performance promise

ERP-Rollout to China 

Local expertise

Our experts know the subtleties of HGB, IAS, IFRS, GAAP and Golden Tax.

Language skills

Our local employees translate the operating system for your employess and teach them how to use it in their mother tongue.  

Soft Skills

We will provide you with valuable advice on the mentality, tradition, and culture.

Your contact person

You are planning a rollout to China and would like more information about our services? Then please contact us. We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Oliver Mittermeier

Head of
Managed Service Processes | SAP
+49 551 490 2566

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