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Update: SAP Hybris Commerce 6.3

Update: SAP Hybris Commerce 6.3

January 27, 2017

SAP Hybris introduced the latest version of SAP Hybris Commerce this week. This release brings about a number of interesting new features, which benefit both the shop owners and the shop users. Here’s an overview of the latest features and their advantages.

Data Hub Clustering

The data hub clustering is probably the most important improvement found in SAP Hybris Commerce 6.3: it dramatically increases the performance and system stability of the hub. This is good news for all e-tailers who exchange large amounts of data between their ERP and hybris systems.

Enhanced Assisted Service Modules (ASM)

The 360 ° customer view has been further improved to simplify customer servicing. Customer consultants now automatically see all relevant information about a customer in a pop-up window divided into different subpages. On the overview page, they can see the name, the creation date of the account, the last shopping cart as well as orders and tickets. The customer's address and payment information are displayed on the profile page. The favorites page provides insight into products and categories the customer has recently viewed – a feature that seamlessly integrates with SAP Marketing. In the activities page, consultants can see the latest changes made to the shopping cart as well as stored shopping carts, placed orders and support tickets; on the feedback page, they can view a list of all support tickets and all the product reviews written by the user. Finally, the maps page allows the consultant to find the next shop able to help the customer with his request. 

SmartEdit with enhanced performance

SmartEdit also includes some interesting features with the new release. On the one hand, it now supports the product carrousel component, which displays similar or complementary products and improves conversion rates. On the other hand, it is now possible to define and manage category and time restrictions for specific pages. This allows you to implement campaign pages that are limited in time and automatically go offline after the campaign period. The most important change for content managers is, however, that they can now synchronize complete catalog pages with one click. The personalization options have been refined along with the improvements made to SmartEdit: personalized promotions are now possible and the page preview enables content managers to preview pages from the view of different target groups.

Enhanced features for customers

With SAP Hybris Commerce 6.3, customers receive even better service: they can now set and save templates for their searches, specifying the amount of items displayed per page and how they should be grouped and sorted. Also, free text search results can now be stored. All in all, SAP Hybris Commerce 6.3 is a very accomplished release. An important point to note: with SAP Hybris Commerce 6.3, the vouchers module is out of date and will only be supported for 18 more months. The features of the vouchers module are now included in the promotion module.   


Do you have further questions?

 If you have any questions about SAP Hybris and the new release, I am happy to help you. Don’t hesitate to contact me!

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Sales Director
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